Friday, April 8, 2016

The Casino War: Full Retreat

I only have time at night to make two maps. Unfortunately, I needed to make five to show the Imperium's collapsing situation. Tenal is just a mop-up operation for DRONE WALKERS right now that may take a couple of more weeks to finish, even with little to no opposition. In Branch, Money Badger forces have spread out and are reinforcing as much as possible. And in Pure Blind, Mordus Angels and Dot Dot Dot have sovereignty despite their relative proximity to the Imperium's main staging system of Saranen.

The first map is that old favorite Fade. The Money Badger Coalition seized five freeported stations yesterday, including four in the constellation of UWRZ-2. The Imperium is still attempting to shore up SpaceMonkey's Alliance, but I'm not sure how much longer the alliance can remain independent within the coalition. If SMA loses all its systems, I can see the coalition leadership closing the doors on SMA.

The second map is of Tribute. Tactical Narcotics Team is under tremendous pressure from Mercenary Coalition and Circle-of-Two. If TNT moved its main fighting force to the Imperium's main staging system of Saranen, I would consider the situation in Tribute another mop-up operation.

From 0400 on 7 April to 0400 on 8 April, I counted a total of 50 capture events occurring in Branch, Fade, Pure Blind, Tenal, and Tribute. The Money Badger Coalition won all 50 events. Perhaps in a great war scenario the Imperium may eventually win. But for The Casino War, the Imperium is well on its way to losing the conflict.

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