Sunday, April 10, 2016

My New Google Site

Sometimes I hear people displaying ignorance about the rules concerning real money trading in EVE Online. For example, players do not get permanently banned for the first time they are caught buying ISK from illicit RMT sites; the penalty is a 7-day suspension of all accounts and confiscation of the ill-gotten goods and funds. Despite all of CCP's efforts, a lot of people don't know the rules surrounding RMT and other security issues.

The lack of knowledge is really irritating, especially during The Casino War (aka World War Bee) as The Imperium seeks to tag one of the greatest slurs on its enemies, often without proof. Then some defenders feel they have to respond and display a level of knowledge that makes me want to tear my hair out and bang my head on my keyboard. Of course, I should look at the bright side. As long as players don't know the rules, CCP will keep holding Security presentations at Fanfest and I'll get to learn a little more about the situation.

I am currently in the process of building a Google site with information about real money trading in MMORPGs like EVE Online. When I write building, I have not even made basic decisions like the best method to navigate the site or even the site's name. I also still need to put in sections like "Frequently Asked Questions". But I figure I needed to link to the site on the blog. Right now, the Google site contains links to some of CCP's policies as well as security-related developer blogs and some of my writing on real money trading.

I added the site to the menu at the top of the blog already. For those perhaps reading the post through some sort of RSS feed, you can access the site by clicking here.

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