Friday, July 23, 2021

An End Of Year Expansion For EVE Online Is Taking Shape

A day after releasing the monthly economic report for June, CCP announced the end of the scarcity era in the final quarter of 2021. I think most players will latch onto the following sentence.

Scarcity firmly ends in Q4 2021 with additional resources as well as player choice for what resources to distribute in your sovereign space.

Witnessing the in-game numbers over the last six months, I've thought CCP was aiming for an end of year expansion sized release. What would such an expansion look like? I believe today's announcement provides a framework.

First, comes industry. CCP listed 5 areas of change upcoming to EVE:

  • Increased quantity of all resources across New Eden
  • Introduction of moon goo and gas compression
  • A balance pass for all mining ships
  • Additional specialized holds for gas and ice
  • Rework of the industrial index including greater choice over the distribution of resources

In addition to the opening of the ESS reserve banks coming to Tranquility in August, a revamp of the of existing null sec anomalies is planned. CCP plans to add a new type of capital anomaly because CCP wants players to bring their big toys into space.

While big leaps have been made in the balance around capital escalations with changes to cynos and super umbrellas, the current risk vs reward for putting valuable assets in space is off and needs work. New types of objectives are being looked at to get big ships back on grid, so that there will be something to hunt and fight over.

What else is up for discussion? Structures and sovereignty. CCP directly referenced (although did not link) a thread on the EVE sub-Reddit about structures.

The continued improvement of the experience around foundational systems like structures and sovereignty is also a priority. The recent structure manifesto put together by EVE’s dedicated content creators is a clear sign that although structures have been focused on for several releases last year, there still remains a lot of potential there, starting with structure module balance.

Null sec is not the only area of the game CCP is looking to conduct a structure revamp.

A large change was also made to the dynamics in Pochven by unlocking the conduit loop for everyone. This had a huge effect on the activity in Pochven, more than doubling the number of characters visiting the region daily ever since. That’s great news but it also helped highlight the need for continued iteration. ‘Seagulling’ is being cleaned up and benefits to loyalty are beginning to be added back towards Pochven residents by shifting NPC behaviour, but work on changes to structure mechanics in Pochven and other adjustments to make it a unique and rewarding place to call home are also underway. [emphasis mine]

The potential for a big content drop exists. What about timing? Most of the items appear to take some significant effort and CCP is famously out of the office from mid-July to the end of August.  The dev blog also indicates the changes will come in the final quarter of 2021. I still think combining most of the changes into a single patch, probably in the second half of November or first half of December, makes sense. The 800-pound canary in the room for CCP doing so is the release of FFXIV's Endwalker expansion on 23 November. With the momentum that game has built, anything that happens in EVE will be dwarfed by its next expansion.

Thursday, July 22, 2021

FFXIV: You Can Dance If You Want To

In Square Enix' efforts to increase server capacity in Final Fantasy XIV, the company is performing a four-hour emergency maintenance on the European data center worlds tonight. By rearranging and optimizing servers, the player cap on each world should increase by 500 accounts.

FFXIV Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida did have a message for the players.

We have received and reviewed a great number of comments on my previous announcement. Thank you again! One particular type of feedback caught my eye, however─players saying, “I’ll stop dancing in Limsa for a while,” or “I guess we shouldn’t log in to watch our monitors while we eat...”

I myself have played many an MMO, so I know how watching other players bustle past during mealtimes physically and mentally prepares you for challenging dungeons later, and how a spontaneous dance performance can brighten everyone’s day. These are ways of roleplaying, and they are part of the fun of MMORPGs.

Therefore, I want you to know that while I deeply appreciate you being considerate, activities such as the above are part of the game too, and you don’t need to show so much restraint that you stop having fun! We have implemented the automatic logout feature, which will log you out if you do not interact with the game for an extended period, so allowing that system to do its job is enough. Please continue to enjoy FFXIV in your own way, and show our new players how alive its world is with adventurers of all sorts.

So all the people who normally hang out in Limsa Lominsa can go back to hanging out as normal.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Yoshi-P On Final Fantasy XIV's Capacity Issues

As producer, the responsibility for being unable to predict the current influx of new players falls to me. The days before an expansion’s launch are supposed to be ones of excitement, but instead they’ve brought many players grief, and for that I, personally, am extremely sorry.

I play two MMORPGs. In EVE Online, the "EVE is dying" meme is back in style with the recent drop in player activity. Final Fantasy XIV faces an entirely different issue. Over the past weekend (17-18 July), login queue times in North America averaged 10-20 minutes with players unable to create new characters for several hours. The situation in Europe was worse, with queue times up to 40 minutes. Yesterday, FFXIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida (aka Yoshi-P) issued a letter giving players an update on the situation.

Yoshida called the recent influx of players over the last two weeks onto the North American and European data centers "staggering and unexpected." The problems are not contained to the western worlds though. The global version of FFXIV in the Japanese region as well as the localized Chinese and Korean versions. 

The immediate steps Square Enix has taken recently include the implementation of an AFK timer with Patch 5.58 and hardware upgrades to the North American data centers. Yesterday's patch implemented a feature usually reserved for expansion launches. Players who are AFK for 30 minutes will automatically be logged out of the game.

The hardware upgrade gets a little complicated. Yoshida provided a brief explanation about the game's server infrastructure:
The population that can be logged in to each World server at one time is capped; however, as some of you have noticed, this cap is not the same for all servers, and differs somewhat between data centers (Mana, Aether, Chaos, etc.). The main reason for this has to do with a data center’s “matching server.” A matching server can only handle so much information, so to ensure that it functions properly, a capacity limit must be set. This limit determines the overall maximum population of a data center, which is then divided by the number of Worlds in the data center to calculate how many players can be logged in to each World. If a matching server were to overload, it would result in the Duty Finder ceasing to function properly and instability when entering instanced content, hence the importance of login caps.

Differences in login caps occur due to differences in the number of Worlds per data center, as well as differences in matching server performance.
The North American data centers received upgraded matching servers that have increased the maximum number of logged in account by 18,000, or 750 additional accounts per world server. If I have perform the math correctly, the maximum population on the world servers on the two European data centers should increase by 1000 once the matching servers are upgraded. Yoshida did not give a date for when Chaos and Light will receive the new equipment.

What about creating new world servers and/or data centers? Yoshida wrote:
Though the obstacles that still face us are many, we believe that the best, most effective method for providing our players a stress-free gameplay experience is through the introduction of new servers and data centers. To see this goal realized as soon as reasonably possible, we on the development, operations, and infrastructure teams pledge to continue to do our utmost.
At Fanfest 2021, Square Enix revealed the creation of a new data center for Oceania with the launch of 6.1. Yoshida revealed in the letter that the original play was to evaluate user numbers and planned content after the release of Endwalker and then build new servers and/or data centers for the release of 7.0.

Unfortunately the global semiconductor shortage is impacting Square Enix' plans. The company is experiencing "a prolonged delay in the delivery of the servers" already ordered. Even offering above market rates for equipment has failed to speed up delivery. Instead of quickly adding capacity, the letter gives the impression Square Enix may not have the new Oceania data server online by the launch of patch 6.1.

Adding to the difficulty of spinning up new game servers are travel restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely has slowed down the work on creating the Oceania data center. The same challenges face the infrastructure team on adding capacity in North America and Europe. The team is getting their COVID vaccinations and will travel overseas once the situation is deemed safe for the staff. Even then, members of the infrastructure team will not travel outside Japan if they feel the situation is not safe.

As for Yoshida's concluding thoughts, I'll just copy them below in their entirety. 
As producer, the responsibility for being unable to predict the current influx of new players falls to me. The days before an expansion’s launch are supposed to be ones of excitement, but instead they’ve brought many players grief, and for that I, personally, am extremely sorry.

For years, we have watched devoted players from around the world stream their time with FINAL FANTASY XIV, and now, we sit in awe while new fans join their ranks. As we enter our final push in the development of Endwalker, it is this constant flow of positive energy that motivates all of us on the development and operations team to carry on. Nothing can compare to the feeling we get watching you enjoy playing the game we’ve created.

We are aware of the burden we have placed on our player base, and are working diligently to lighten it in the coming weeks and months. We will continue to develop measures to combat server congestion, and will keep you up to date with any and all developments in this area.

Thank you once again for your continued support!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch Notes For 5.58

By the time this post goes live, the downtime for Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 5.58 has ended. The big news is the implementation of an AFK timer due to the recent influx of players. Players who are inactive for more than 30 minutes will be logged out automatically. 

Otherwise, a big part of the patch involves catch-up mechanics so players can finish the end game Shadowbringers content before Endwalker arrives in November. For example, the experience point gain for NPCs in the Trust system was increased. 

The Cloud Deck (Extreme) trial received two changes. The first is the trial was moved from the Raid Finder to the Duty Finder. The second is that the drop rate for the Diamond Gwiber Trumpet was increased. Also, players can obtain the mount in exchange for totems by speaking to C'intana in Mor Dhona (X: 22.7 Y 6.7).

The final part of the NierR: Automata raids, The Tower at Paradigm's Breach, has had several loot restrictions lifted.

  • The weekly restriction on rewards obtained from coffers has been removed.

  • The weekly restriction on obtaining Breach Coins has been removed.

  • The following items will now appear in a treasure chest allotted to each party of an alliance when undertaking the Tower at Paradigm's Breach:
    • Stuffed Android Units
    • Modern Aesthetics - Battle-ready Bobs
    • Modern Aesthetics - Scanning for Style
    • Smaller Stubby
    • 9S Automaton
    • 2B Card
    • The Sound of the End Orchestrion Roll
    • Mourning Orchestrion Roll
    • Emil (Despair) Orchestrion Roll
    • Kainé (Final Fantasy Main Theme Version) Orchestrion Roll
    • The Sound of the End: 8bit Orchestrion Roll
Raids in the Eden's Promise line have also been altered. The weekly restriction on receiving Blades of the Lost Antiquity from Eden's Promise: Eternity was removed. The number of blades to receive defragmented tomestones had already been reduced from 7 to 4 in patch 5.5.

The strength of the Echo granted in Eden's Promise (Savage) was also increased. The Echo will take effect upon entering Eden's Promise (Savage) raids, increasing players' maximum HP, damage dealt, and healing potency by 15%.

The Save the Queen storyline, both the Bozjan Southern Front and Zadnor, the amount of mettle rewarded from skirmishes and critical engagements was increased between Resistance ranks 1 and 14.

The following adjustments were made to the critical engagement the Battle of Castrum Lacus Litore:

  • When fighting the 4th Legion helldiver, damage dealt by consecutive hits of the attack Infrared Blast has been reduced.
  • The maximum HP of the NPC ally tunnel armor has been increased.
  • The mechanic requiring six players to step on switches to open a gate no longer requires players to remain on said switches. (Following this change, a group of less than six players should now be able to complete this mechanic.)
During the critical engagement On Serpents' Wings in Zadnor, the cast time of the enemy action used in the final phase was extended from 60 to 90 seconds.

The following changes were made to the items required to create Resistance weapons:

Loathsome Memory of the Dying: Drop rate from critical engagements at the Bozjan southern front has been increased

Haunting Memory of the Dying: Drop rate when completing designated FATEs has been increased (players are still limited to one per FATE). The number received when completing designated alliance raids has been increased from 1 to 3.

Vexatious Memory of the Dying: Drop rate when completing designated FATEs has been increased (players are still limited to one per FATE). The number received when completing designated alliance raids has been increased from 1 to 3.

The item required to enhance weapons purchased with Allagan tomestones of revelation, Crpyt Ester, are now available from Fathard in Eulmore (X:10.1 Y:11.7). Required items are Manufactured Coin / Puppet's Coin / Breach Coin. The patch notes were not clear on whether only one or all three of the mentioned items are required.

Finally, PvP adjustments were made to 10 jobs as well as shared tank and shared magic DPS actions.

Monday, July 19, 2021

The Grand Heist: The Announcement Players Expected

Last week CCP posted a video using YouTube's premiere feature announcing the return of the Alliance Tournament to EVE Online. A lot of people were upset the video didn't address upcoming changes to the game. The last update of the Foundation Quadrant is due to hit Tranquility on 10 August and a lot of people were hoping for news. Maybe even a hit about the theme for the third quadrant due out in September.

CCP released the news about the next update, The Grand Heist, on Friday. The update will put the finishing touches on the Encounter Surveillance System. Since the ESS reserve banks were implemented, over 20 trillion ISK in bounties accumulated, waiting for players to harvest. Access to the money is granted through the use of a key. Acquiring the keys to open up the null sec banks are found in low sec.

There are eight types of reserve keys to be found. Each key will have a corresponding quadrant of the map where it can be used and a duration that it will hold the reserve bank open. The rate of pay increases over time until it reaches a maximum at which point it will begin decreasing until totally shutting off at the end of the unlock duration...

To acquire the extremely coveted reserve bank keys, you will not be able to simply ask the SCC to hand them over. Instead, your plan should be to locate and trespass into the SCC’s secure key storage sites hidden throughout low security space to get your hands on a key, and these sites will be guaranteed to always have a key inside. There are certain restrictions to ship numbers and class that will be allowed into one of these sites, but that challenge will ensure that only Capsuleers who show patience and skill will be able to pull off the heist. The reward is significant, so be prepared and good luck!

Perhaps I'm jaded, but I see another case of CCP linking systems in other security bands to low sec just to increase low sec activity. 

The graphics associated with the ESS are also receiving a revamp. The size and look of the ESS itself are changing as well as the warp disruption bubble effect. The 10km boundary for receiving ISK once a bank is unlocked will have lighting to make positioning easier.

The user interface is also receiving an upgrade.

The UI window that is used to interact with the ESS has been removed and both the interactivity and information of the ESS have been moved through a new in-space UI. With the brand-new structure for the ESS, the UI in space points physically to both the main and reserve banks, showing the status of your interaction.

When an intrusion to the main bank is underway, the timer will be visible in space surrounding the main bank, showing both the time remaining visually and numerically. The timer will be visible to all on grid, even if outside of the interaction range.

The reserve bank is similarly represented, and the in-space UI will show an access timer as well as the time until the next payout is delivered. Both banks are represented by two colors, with blue representing the main bank and orange representing the reserve bank.

Initiating hacks against either of the banks will update the info panel immediately. For the main bank, the portrait of the hacker will appear with a timer. The reserve bank has detailed information, including how many Capsuleers are linked to it, and the status of the payouts.

The Grand Heist is the final major content mentioned in the Foundation announcement back in May. The only affect is see on my gameplay is to increase traffic making my activities more difficult to perform. Hopefully CCP gives players a hint of what is to come in the third quadrant of 2021 sometime in August.

Friday, July 16, 2021

The Hunt For Encyclopaedia Eorzia 2

When I really enjoy MMORPGs I tend to buy books related to the game. I still have the World of Warcraft Offical Strategy Guide and a hardcover edition of World of Warcraft Atlas from my time in Vanilla WoW. I also have The Official Everquest II Atlas, which included the Kingdom of Sky maps from my three years playing EQ2. The number of EVE Online books I've picked up in my 12 years playing the game probably deserves its own post. Now, after playing Final Fantasy XIV for two years, I own my first book about Eorzia.

Square Enix, I want to give you money

I learned recently that FFXIV had two lore books, Encyclopaedia Eorzia and Encyclopaedia Eorzia II. I went over to the Square Enix store and found the books were out of stock. I then went to Amazon and found an English version of Encyclopaedia Eorzia for $230. Um ... no.

I was able to find a .pdf version of Encyclopaedia Eorzia, which covers A Realm Reborn and Heavensward. But the book covering Stormblood was not available in downloadable format. I did run into a couple of dodgy sites, but I wasn't about to visit them once I received a dodgy website warning.

I broke down and searched eBay for the English language version. I found a couple of eBay stores selling copies and picked out one that was selling the book for double the originally listed price once I included shipping. The seller stated that delivery could take 4-6 weeks. I figured I could wait that long since I did have access to the first volume. I ordered the book on Monday.

In my hands

I received the book today. The book arrived in the original shrink wrap and the item code was untouched. Flipping though the book the type is a little small so I'll have to wear my glasses when reading. But otherwise I'm pretty happy so far. And, wonders of wonders, redeeming the code for my item was easy.

Matoya's Hat

Like EVE books, enjoying Final Fantasy XIV doesn't require reading the books. But I wanted the books as a reference to go a little deeper into the stories of Eorzia. Now, if Square Enix will make finding the books just a little easier.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Minmatar Liberation Day 2021 - The Shelf Life Of Boosters Has Been Extended

I noticed a change to some of the rewards for the Minmatar Liberation Day event. The expiration period for the Liberation Games boosters was extended from 10 August to 14 September.

Is the change significant? I was struck by the fact that the Liberation Games boosters won't expire before the Amarr event. In the announcement of the Foundation Quadrant, CCP stated celebration events for all four NPC empires. The date Amarr Foundation Day was celebrated last year was 10 August, so I assume that is when the event should start this year. 

Up until now, I assumed the third quadrant of 2021 should begin in  August. The first quadrant, Reign, began in February. Foundation, the current quadrant, began in May. Does the pushing back of the booster expiration date signal a delay of the next quadrant as well?

A more innocent explanation is that CCP is trying to placate players by doing little things like making the boosters last longer. A perfectly reasonable hypothesis. But until we find out CCP's plans for the next quadrant, enjoy the boosters.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Will EVE Online Have A Full Expansion In November?

I've watched over the past two months as the average number of concurrent users on EVE Online's Tranquility shard started to free-fall. Since I last wrote about the decline on 23 June, the 7-day moving average of the ACU dropped another 1,500 or so.

From the Jester's Trek archive, updated thru 9 July 2021

One of the advantages of CCP's Games as a Service model is the monthly or near monthly update. Not only does the model justify a subscription model, but guarantees constant content drops. While the latest content drops helped, I think something major is needed to combat the current decline. Especially since, unlike the Summer of Rage and Blackout, CCP didn't make one major misstep to provoke the current situation. 

In 2011, CCP responded to the Summer of Rage with the Crucible expansion at the end of November. While past performance is not a guarantee of future results, a look back at a CCP press release is a reminder of how CCP responded to its first major player decline.

EVE Online: Crucible contains over fifty new features and hundreds of enhancements aimed at improving the player experience. These features and fixes were selected by scrutinizing community feedback and focusing on the changes that would make the most immediate impact on the game for the majority of EVE players.

In this expansion, players will experience striking visual upgrades across the EVE universe. Nebulae throughout New Eden have been redesigned in spectacular fashion, offering hauntingly beautiful views of interstellar space.  EVE Online: Crucible introduces new visual libraries with beautifully retextured and revisualized Gallente and Caldari fleets. Other highly anticipated features include Scalable UI and the crisp, clear EVE Sans Neue font, developed as a result of the introduction of CarbonUI earlier this year. 

EVE Online: Crucible reignites the fires of war across New Eden with an array of powerful new ships and changes to EVE's combat system. New Tier 3 Battlecruisers designed to punch above their weight offer players new roles and fresh tactical options. Existing ships, from destroyers to supercapitals, have been rebalanced and tweaked ahead of EVE’s traditional winter warfare season to refine combat in one of the industry's longest-lived MMOs. Meanwhile, new Tech 2 modules, better ship salvage and tweaked loot drops increase rewards in both PvE and PvP, adding further variety and intrigue to EVE's vast player-driven economy.

Just because CCP moved to the Quadrant system that spaces out content over the course of a quarter doesn't mean big, expansion sized patches are not possible. Agile development processes should allow CCP to create a major patch while pumping out the monthly content, provided the game studio has the manpower. Historically, the best times to launch an expansion was late November and early December. 

Today's announcement of the resumption of the Alliance Tournament supports the theory of a major content drop in late November or early December. Yes, the 5,000 or so people who will watch the tournament is tiny compared to the Twitch audiences of games like World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends and Valorant. But a 5,000 maximum concurrent viewership could equate to 50,000 sets of eyes on EVE over the course of the tournament. Also, the coverage of the tournament will greatly increase EVE's presence on Twitch in a lead-up to a possible expansion-sized patch. In the past, CCP used the dead spots between matches on the final weekend to promote game updates. They could do so again in the latest iteration of the tournament show. The news coming out of the coverage potentially is bigger than the tournament itself.

I have to admit I'm putting a very positive spin on today's announcement. When I watched the announcement I was sorely disappointed. Why hype up something that historically was mainly watched for betting purposes? But to hold the tournament requires months of preparation by the participants. If the Alliance Tournament is just part of a larger plan, then why should I rain on anyone's parade? And I so hope this post is taking the correct view on CCP's plans.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Can Final Fantasy XIV Handle The Influx?

At a time when games like World of Warcraft and EVE Online are losing players, one game is experiencing an insane increase in business. Square Enix even had to suspend sales of Final Fantasy XIV in North America over the weekend. While composing this post, none of the European servers was allowing the creation of new characters.

Server status for Europe at 1930UTC on 13 July 2021

Square Enix has done a lot to promote the game. On 14 May, the Endwalker expansion was announced at Fanfest. On 25 May, the Playstation 5 version of FFXIV launched. The game is cross-platform, which means an increase of console players also affects the login queues of PC players. That news coincided with a 60% off sale on both Shadowbringers and the Complete Edition from 25 May to 9 June. Square Enix repeated the 60% off sale during the Steam Summer Sale held from 24 June to 8 July. 

A big jump on Steam

One of the notable factors funneling players from WoW to FFXIV are the WoW streamer refugees. Asmongold, the top WoW Twitch streamer, gets credit for a lot of the interest, but he was following the trend, not creating it. In addition to the WoW refugees, Square Enix tied a mount promotion to subscribing to established FFXIV Twitch streamers. By purchasing 4 subscriptions from one or more of a list of 59 streamers, players can receive the Fat Black Chocobo mount. Apparently higher ranking on Twitch translates to higher interest in a game.

The tipping point seems to be the current free login campaign running from 9 July to 23 August. The campaign allows former players to return to the game and play for two weeks. Gee, Square Enix opens a promotion for returning players, and the first weekend of the promotion the servers are full. Coincidence?

For right now, new players may need to create their characters in off-hours. Not only to play with their friends, but just to play at all. Not an ideal situation for Square Enix. The game of the hour is FFXIV, and new players can't play. We'll have to see what Square comes up with for a solution.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Minmatar Liberation Day 2021 - The First Weekend

After doing the content for the Minmatar Liberation Day event in EVE Online over the weekend, I can safely say my original estimates for how well I could do have gone down drastically. I'm not sure I can reach 600 points on a single character, much less multiple ones.

My score after the first weekend

On Friday, I travelled to the notorious system of Hagilur to visit the Minmatar Mining Corporation Testing Facility. I slipped into the system via the Anher gate as the Bei gate is often camped. The locals took to camping the site as well. Suspecting the locals would do so, I bounced to a celestial and then warped to the site at 100km. To no surprise, the wrecks of player-owned ships littered the grid. All for a lousy 5 points.

I didn't take a screenshot, but the text of the site was recorded in my notifications.

The Scythe-class cruiser remains the oldest Minmatar ship still in use. It has seen many battles and is an integrated element of many Minmatar tales and the material heritage of the tribes. A significant number of Scythes found their way into the hands of the Minmatar resistance. Upgunned and armored by rebel crews, the Scythe was an important combat ship at the oubreak of the Great Rebellion in BYC20.

After picking up the travel points, I tried my hand at probing down data sites. I managed one, but only hacked one can before two pilots from Fweddit showed up. I was wary because one had been in the system earlier. Apparently he went and got a friend. I went away with my 2 points for hacking a can.

If probing down data sites was disappointing, then running event sites in high sec was an exercise in futility. The best thing I can say is that I proved the concept of my new Jaguar fit. I also discovered I didn't have the DPS to contest other ships taking credit for killing the boss NPCs. I earned no points for running the combat sites and wound up with 69 points for the day.

Saturday was a better day. I logged in to a system with multiple combat sites and no one around. I actually completed the site and discovered not one, but two boss NPC Prophecy drones. The first one gave me 30 event points and the second an additional 10. The two NPCs also dropped 454 Liberation Day tokens worth 45.4 million ISK as well as the Bellicose Dawn of Liberation and Leopard Starkmanir SKINs. 

As pilots started showing up in local, I decided to try my hand at mining. I headed over to the Ortner constellation near Rens in an Endurance and started munching on rocks. The first 10,000 units mined and delivered granted me 10 points. I received an additional 20 points for the next 30,000 units mined and delivered. The two sites ran also netted 6 million ISK. 

I called it a night when the next mining event would give me two points for achieving a bronze or higher score in an expedition site. Still, 70 points and 50 million ISK wasn't too bad. My total of 139 also resulted in unlocking the Breacher Starkmanir SKIN.

On Sunday I decided to do some sightseeing. The first site of interest was the Golgothan Fields in Ennur, Molden Heath. Thankfully the site wasn't camped so I could take some screenshots.

Golgothan Fields

A few weeks after the start of the rebellion in BYC20, the Minmatar met with the Amarr in a fierce battle. The Minmatar eventually withdrew, but not before dealing heavy casualties to the Amarr forces. Most importantly, the Amarr lost many capital ships and were left with considerably reduced offensive power in the frontlines of their attempt to defeat the Great Rebellion.

Next, The Agency sent me to Hjoramold to visit the ruins of Lord Bastion.

The Lord Bastion museum in Hjoramold

Shattered remnants of a formidable space fortress built by Lord Basad, the governor of the Ani constellation in early BYC19, durin gthe time of the Great Rebellion, to hold off the rebel forces. This fortress stood for two months in orbit of Hjoramold XII and its ruins act as a reminder of both the cruelty of the Amarr and the spirit of the Minmatar.

My final stop of the day took me to Odatrik and the Battle of Fort Kavad Monument. Unlike the other sites, the monument was just a beacon in space.

The Battle of Fort Kavad Monument in Odatrik

The Battle of Fort Kavad in BYC17 was the final blow by Minmatar freedom fighters that prevented an Amarr counter-offensive and secured the territories of what would become the Minmatar Republic. Catching an assembling Amarr taskforce by surprise, the massed strike by Minmatar forces destroyed the core of the battleship fleets committed to reconquer the Minmatar. After Fort Kavad, the Amarr Emperor called a halt to such attempts and the Minmatar had won their freedom.
Warping to each of the historical sites granted me 10 points, for a total of 30.

The final mining event

My final successful activity of the weekend involved mining. I was hoping that the completion of a mining expedition at bronze level or higher was not the final iteration of the mining events. I threw together a Venture fit that I knew could run a limited site within ten minutes and went to work. Two sites later, all I had was 4 points and 2.8 million ISK. The event did not change.

I did one additional activity. I tested an event fit for the Bellicose. I think I'll need to try using rapid light missile launchers, because heavy assault missiles failed to do more than scratch the armor of one of the frigate NPC types. But my tank held, which was a positive sign. I'm also working on a Rupture fit using 220mm autocannon. I want to come up with something Minmatar flavored since the event is called Minmatar Liberation Day. Besides, I picked up the Bellicose Dawn of Liberation SKIN and am 67 points away from the Rupture Starkmanir SKIN. I think running an event site sporting one of those SKINs would fit the spirit of the occasion.