Friday, March 23, 2018

It's Fanfest Season Again

Wow, time flies! In a little over two weeks time I head to the airport for my seventh trip to Iceland to attend CCP's annual Fanfest held in the Harpa. Over the last few years, Fanfest served as the event that ended frantic days of CSM coverage and recharged my game playing batteries. This year, though, I expect to have a bit of a working vacation, as we don't learn the final candidate list until the event.
Fanfest starts affecting all facets of my life. For instance, I need to file my tax returns because I don't plan on returning until after April 15th. I also need to check all my electronics. I might buy a new laptop or tablet that is lighter than my current model. Plus, my current laptop cannot run EVE. I may need to send some mail to people while in Reykjavik. Did I mention I need a haircut?

This year I plan on doing a little sightseeing. I really need to go on a tour of the south coast of Iceland, probably on Tuesday. I see that I can also visit a lava tunnel in a 3-hour tour. Fortunately I don't need to make a decision now, but I have options besides EVE-related events.

Once again I intend on picking up the pace of my blogging while in Iceland, even if the posts don't involve more than a picture or two. I hope to meet new and interesting people and learn a few things some people will want to read about. But now I have to return to the real world and put thoughts of far away places away until tomorrow.

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