Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Odds and Ends

I’m a little behind on my writing, so I thought I’d throw together a quick post on what’s happening.

First, Warp Drive Active #45 was posted over at Virgin Worlds today. I really want to hear the shows take on the BoB vs. Goonswarm war. Oh wait, BoB is now KenZoku. Also on Virgin Worlds today, Brent posted Van Hemlock #40 and No Prisoners, No Mercy #24.1.

Next, from the EQ2 Test Server:

Appearance slots for primary, secondary and ranged weapon slots have now been activated! In addition to the requirement that you must be able to use the item, it must also use the same skill as the item equipped in your normal slot. For example, you may only use a Great Axe in your appearance slot if you are also wielding a Great Axe in your equipment slot.

Woot! I really want to run around showing off my Raincaller bow. I don’t care that the bow is SO tier 7, I want to run around Norrath with it on my back!

I’ve mentioned before that the people I work with are into World of Warcraft. I was in a conversation with two of them and discussed the upcoming two-specc’ing option in the upcoming patch. They told me the cost would be 1000 gold, and both the players, one 80 mage and one 76 warlock, told me that they wouldn’t get it for their mains. The warlock also has a fighter and he probably will pick up the two-spec ability for him. I’m not linking any facts; just giving the views of two people who have played the game for 4+ years.

Finally, for fans of parody songs based on MMORPGs, Jethal Silverwing has released two songs this week. The first is an EQ2 based song called “Can I Get a Heal”, a parody of the Carrie Underwood song “Jesus Take The Wheel” and is posted over at the Legion of Kithicor website. The second song is a Warhammer Online based song called “Crazy Elf Swordmaster” based on “Funky Cold Medina” by Tone Loc. The song is posted at Warhammer Geek. Check out the new songs from one of the best around.

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