Friday, June 12, 2009

GU 52 Coming Out Week of June 15

The new senior producer of EverQuest 2, Alan "Brenlo" Crosby, posted that the next game update, Monument and Might, will come out the week of June 15. Given that game updates, usually come out on Tuesday's, I'd plan on the game update being posted to the live servers on June 16. Here are some quotes from Brenlo from the forum thread.

When GU 52 will be released:

Game is doing well. Monument and Might comes next week with lots of goodies. I need coffee. PVP Server merge is coming *soon* (after Fan Faire sometime). Rangers are being nerfed (okay not really). All is right with the world other than those cats and dogs living together. . .

On the alt restrictions for research assistants. On this, I'm guessing that players don't like the fact that only 1 spell/combat art can be researched on an account at a time.

I will check on the reasoning behind the ALT restriction and if I get some good info, I will post it in one of the other threads that already exist on RA.

On Vox, the PvP server that is not being merged:

Vox is a tough situation for sure. What I would like to do is take some time to look at PVP rewards etc . . and see if we cannot make some improvements to the experience. THen we might see some growth on Vox. We have a designer currently going through the PVP items and finding the "suck" and working to see what we can do to beef em up, so to speak.

I do not see us allowing moves from Vox anytime soon though, nor forcing all PVP players to play on an Exchange enabled server.

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