Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Search of Eve

I’ve written before that I wonder if I can survive and thrive in the universe of Eve Online. With the game’s reputation of having a steep learning curve and a real-time based skills acquisition system that would lead people to believe that new players could never compete with the old hands, I’ve started to do research to try to make entry into the game a little less daunting. After all, I think I should know more than that Chimera’s look cool.

The first thing I discovered is that Steam actually offers a 21-day free trial of Eve instead of the standard 14-day free trial I’ve seen in other places. Given that I don’t plan on making Eve my main game, I like the idea that I could get another weekend of free play time in before having to make a decision on subscribing to the game. Right now my plan is to start playing when I take my next vacation and then I’d play on the weekends (and perhaps one day during the week depending on my progression in EQ2).

The second thing I did was look at Eve University. I didn’t know that they had entry requirements. In EQ2 terms, a player just has to avoid gaining negative faction with the educational corporation in order to gain admittance. I’m really glad to have discovered that little fact because I think a tour at the school is probably something I should do fairly shortly after I complete the tutorial and finish the free trial.

The third thing I discovered is CrazyKinux’s blog. I stumbled upon it because I saw a story in the Eve Blog Pack on Kirith's blog and clicked on it. A little reading led me to his post "10 Posts for the Eve Online Newbie." I'm still trying to read through all of it. All I can say is I hit the motherlode when it comes to information and I'll be sifting though it for weeks.

I think I have a fairly good start on my research. But before I start playing, I really need to decide what race I want to play. With 4 races divided between 12 total bloodlines (I hope that's right) with racial bonuses in the form of ship types to decide between, I need to make a few decisions before I download the free trial.

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  1. The cool thing about selecting a race for your character is that you are not restricted to that race's ships. In fact, you could almost immediately start training for another race's ships although the newbie missions available come from your chosen race and they give you new ships to start with.

    Gah, I'm blathering. If you want someone to fire questions off to before and after you start, feel free to email me: