Sunday, November 15, 2009

What's Happened To My Corp Over The Past 2 Weeks

Not a lot has happened in my gaming life since the last time I posted. I haven't listened to gaming podcasts and I canceled my SOE Station Pass account yesterday. All I've done gaming related is play Eve Online.

I'm discovering that a good corporation makes all the difference in the game. Eve University is one of the good ones. If you are new to Eve I highly recommend making it your first corporation. Here's a quick update on what occurred to the Uni between November 1-11.

Nov 1 - Was war-dec'd by a corporation called Warsmiths. A war-dec means that a corporation has declared war on you and thus can attack your corporation's ships anyplace in New Eden. Without that war-dec (or other similar mechanic in place) the NPC police force called CONCORD will destroy your ship if you attack someone.

Nov 2 - A Unista fleet locates the CEO of the Warsmiths in his corporation's home system and destroys his heavy assault cruiser.

Nov 3 - A member of Warsmiths enters Eve University's home system and a merry chase ensues with Unista fleets chasing the Warsmith. After a few hours he lets a fleet catch up with him and proceeds to use smartbombs to destroy 1 destroyer, 21 frigates, and pods (kills the pilot) 22 pilots before the rest of the fleet destroys his Dominix battleship. I get home from work after the smartbombing and am part of a fleet that chases the Dominix pilot (in another Dominix) around the system until he logs off.

Nov 4-5 - The pilot of the Dominix posts the destruction of the Uni frigates and pods on YouTube. (He put up a more polished version on Nov 11). Over the course of two days, Eve Uni fleets camp in the Warsmiths home system and the Dominix pilot loses a Rupture (cruiser) and Crow (interceptor) while the University loses an Atron (frigate), Rupture, Caracal (both cruisers) and Harbinger (battlecruiser).

Nov 6-7 - No action for the blockading Unista fleets as the Warsmiths either stay in their stations or avoid the Uni fleets. (On Nov 6 I take part in one of the blockading fleets.) The Warsmiths retract their war declaration on Nov 7, ending the war early. The war doesn't officially end until 0:22 GMT on Nov 9.

More importantly, while searching for possible Warsmiths POS (player owned stations) located in wormholes, University intelligence assets discover 2 POS owned by the Dynaverse Corporation. Dynaverse Corporation is one of the corporations who took a mercenary contract to fight Eve University back in April & May and destroyed the Uni POS in the Uni's old home system of Korsiki. Plans are formed to give Dynaverse a little payback.

Nov 8 - Two Unista fleets totaling more than 130 ships invade the Dynaverse-controlled wormhole and quickly put both Dynaverse Corporation POS into reinforced.

Nov 9 - Seeing that the Unistas have the entrance to the wormhole solidly camped across all time zones and with no hope of escape, the Dynaverse Corporation forces inside the wormhole surrender. The Eve University commander allows the Dynaverse pilots to keep one ship each and whatever the ships can carry in exchange for unanchoring the two POS so that the Unistas can carry the POS, all the modules, and all the leftover ships and odds and ends back to the University.

Nov 11 - The operation ends with University scouts staying behind to help people in the U.S. and Canadian time zones home. I took part in the initial fleet and was one of those who needed to be guided out of the wormhole since I was at work when the main fleet pulled out of the wormhole.

I've written a better account of this period, but because it uses material from the private parts of the Eve University forums I can't post the article here. Let's just say that Eve is an interesting place.


  1. Sounds like you're the opposite of me. I've been playing EVE for almost 3 years, have 2 accounts, and as soon as this semester is over I'm going to resubscribe to Eq2. After playing eve for so long sometimes i miss the fantasy world and everything with it. Plus i'm only level 48 so I have the whole getting to 80 + endgame to look forward to.

    Also, good choice with Eve University. Good corp.

  2. Ummm .... What's Happened To "The Nosy Gamer"? Hope all is well, and you just have a shit load of work keeping you from your blog.