Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wildstar: Not So Serious Business

One of the sayings from EVE Online players is that "Spaceships are serious business."  But sometimes I want to just relax and not worry about impending doom.  And no, that does not mean high sec mining.  I want to do something fun in a light-hearted environment.  Which reminds me, I need to hurry up and pre-order Wildstar.

I do have a serious reason for wanting to play Wildstar.  The adoption of the PLEX model, along with explaining that the CREDD helps fight illicit RMT is reason enough to subscribe.  Not to use CREDD, because I've never used PLEX.  I'm interested in how effective the feature is if implemented at launch.  But Carbine is injecting some serious Loony-Toons style humor into the game is a definite bonus.

The developers do like having fun, as not only their trailers but their dev streams show.  I don't get the feeling I got with Elder Scrolls Online that all was not right with the game.  I played both the ESO and Wildstar betas and liked them both.  Okay, I didn't get ESO right off the bat and the game did make me nauseous (physically, not emotionally).  But Zenimax keeping ESO under wraps so long set off alarm bells.  Not only did Carbine open up Wildstar way in advance for open beta weekends, but allowed a lot of Twitch streamers to stream the game during closed beta as well.  The Carbine approach is much more like SOE's approach with Landmark and EverQuest Next, except with more comedy.

Honestly, I don't know if Wildstar will satisfy or turn into a 90-day wonder for me like Star Wars: The Old Republic.  Or a 6-month game like Guild Wars 2.  Given my history of quitting MMORPGs once I hit level cap, I seriously doubt that Wildstar will hold as much attraction for me as EVE Online.  But Wildstar has the potential to fill a niche in my gaming life, so I'll give the game a shot.  I just need to remember to order the game when I get home.


  1. space world of warcraft
    (at least the grafics)

  2. Was watching a friend play Wildstar on Twitch while it was in beta. I LOLed when he had to save the vegetables in hydroponics. It did indeed look relaxing. I think you'll enjoy it. He did, but with a newborn in the house he can't really afford to play. I'm going to skip it though. TESO is my version of what you seek. At least for the next six months. After that, well, there is another coming out but you can read the post I'm writing about it later. ;-)

  3. I got the understanding from the press releases a long time ago that the main content was supposed to be wow-style max level raiding, and that they would specialize in this to an even greater degree than wow already does. If you didn't like wow raiding, don't count on this being a long term game.

  4. I disagree, with the Anonymous above, regarding "space world of warcraft", WoW is on a completely different level, though this one isn't bad either, regardless...  i'm done with MMO games lol half hour of Papa's Freezeria game is more then enough for more now days lol