Friday, July 10, 2015

Please Don't Forget To Tip Your Scout

I swear I need to invest in a company that makes popcorn. The latest concerns changes to spawn rates for null sec to null sec wormhole connections. On Wednesday, CCP Fozzie included the following section in a dev blog:

One final set of changes that we are implementing in Aegis is a set of tweaks to Nullsec wormhole spawning and Quantum Flux Generator upgrades. Some members of the CSM (I’ll let them identify themselves if they wish) approached us in recent weeks with balance concerns about wormhole travel for Nullsec entities. We took a look at their concerns and decided to make some tweaks to help ease them.

The changes we are making are not intended to kill strategic wormhole travel. We believe that wormhole travel provides an exciting and somewhat unpredictable way to roam across long distances. We are beginning with a set of tweaks to Nullsec wormhole connections in Aegis, intended to ease some of the concerns around WH power projection without negatively impacting wormhole residents or eliminating the ability of Nullsec entities to roam through wormholes.

These changes consist of:
  • A significant decrease in the spawn rate of direct Nullsec to Nullsec wormhole connections (which are not the primary method of WH roaming travel but are some of the hardest connections to counter with defensive play).
  • Small decreases in the spawn rate of random Null -> C5 and C5 -> Null connections. This change does not affect static connections.
  • A decrease in the lifetime of Nullsec WH connections to 16 hours (most were previously 24 hours).
We are also making some slight tweaks to the Quantum Flux Generator system upgrade in our July 14th release. These are intended as a slight buff to anyone who uses Quantum Flux Generators for PVE daytripping, while also addressing concerns expressed by some CSM members. With these changes we still don’t expect that most alliances will find the Quantum Flux Generators to be extremely valuable, but hopefully their PVE value should increase somewhat.

The drama surrounds who on CSM pushed for the changes. Sort Dragon is pointing the finger at Manfred Sideous. Manny says he just tried to minimize the damage Sort tried to do. Pandemic Legion may decide that DARKNESS., Sort's alliance, doesn't deserve any of their space in Querious. Something tells me Providence is not the only region that will begin to burn on Tuesday.

In the meantime, I foresee a lot more traffic going through Thera. Did I mention that a group maintains a web site that shows all the wormholes going in and out of Thera? If you choose to use the service, please don't forget to leave a tip.


  1. Viince_SnettertonJuly 11, 2015 at 9:35 AM

    And high sec takes it in the ass once again, as all high ISK generation takes a massive hit. relative to null sec, which just had a gift that will at minimum, double null sec PVE income.

    Waiting to see how many high sec players will be willing to fork over 1.5 billion plus for a plex in a couple months.

    I have reached a tipping point where I am now happily awaiting the demise of Eve, as the core of the subscription base, the high sec player, just packs it in. There was a huge drop in high sec activity when Crius ruined industry for most of the player base, and I expect another similar drop when the null sec PVE carrier alts get cranked up.

    The increase in all these null sec alt accounts won't offset the high sec players quitting.

    But hey, according to CCP and the CSM (could they be any more brazen as a null sec cartel lobby group), high sec players don't matter. Guess we will see how that works out.

  2. Well said. Most EVE players ARE highsec.