Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Fanfest 2017: The Calm Before The Storm

Today is the day a lot of people will show up for Fanfest, which means the relative peace is about to end. Last night was pretty mellow as I stopped by Nora's for a beer or three. I wound up starting off the drinking session talking to a couple of the regulars about various things, like where to see the Northern lights, what you can and can't say to women about their appearance, and what constitutes doctoring photographs. You know, the important stuff in life. The one gentleman can do some amazing stuff with digital photography with the software on his laptop.

Not CCP Seagull
I then spent the time talking to a bunch of EVE players who either were in Eve University or had flown with the Uni in the past. Oh, and CCP Logibro was there too. Some people were complaining about things he has no control over, so I decided to complain about things with which he is involved, namely the CSM. Okay, I only complained about the election process and the lack of time before candidates are announced and the start of balloting. Somehow the conversation turned to who I thought had won the election. Since CCP Logibro knows who won, a very interesting experience. Either my analysis was accurate, or I never want to play poker with the man, as he kept a straight face throughout.

As usual, the weather had changed while I was in Nora's, with a pretty heavy snow falling. However, I still made my way to Hlolla's for a sub and then trudged uphill to the hotel. I had planned to just do a little RMT research and then get some sleep. Instead, I saw a tweet about the Mind Clash podcast recording, went to watch on Twitch, and then was pulled into Discord and made an appearance. I didn't manage to get to sleep until 4:30.

This morning was not too unusual for Reykjavik. After breakfast, I decided to go down to the shoreline and shoot some pictures with my new camera. Two blocks later, the snow started falling pretty heavily. At that point, I turned around to put on some boots and then walk to a store and buy a hat. When I exited the hotel, the snow had stopped. I then walked to 66 North and bought a hat. In the few minutes that activity took, the sun came out. I then walked back to the hotel to pickup my camera and headed to the pedestrian path that runs along the shore.

The path to Harpa
I managed to take some pretty good shots while the sun still shone. Of course, the weather doesn't stay the same for long and I decided to head back to the hotel and write this short blog. By now, some of the people who arrived this morning may have checked into their hotels and possibly even taken a nap. I plan on roaming around bumping into more people. Or maybe I'll just get lunch. In Reykjavik, anything could happen.

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