Friday, October 13, 2017

The Agency: Do No Harm

Since getting back home from EVE Vegas late Monday night I've spent a little time on Singularity looking at the upcoming version of The Agency. My main concern after attending the sessions in Las Vegas is that CCP would make The Agency a useful tool for hunters to track down prey. At this point, I don't think that is a major concern. Signatures and sites only appear in the system a player is in, which means hunters still need to roam. The only purpose of the functionality in my mind is that players can now effectively "see" more of the local system without having to undock.

I still have concerns that the new mining ledger functionality is too powerful, especially if connected to external websites.

I hear that CSM member Steve Ronuken is working on a site that potentially will prove extremely helpful to hunters, depending on the amount of miner buyin to the idea. That's right, if all goes according to plan, miners will provide the rope that hangs them. A very EVE-like idea that I plan to watch closely as time goes on. After all, I don't want to lose a ship just because someone else is dumb. I lose enough because I'm dumb.

I'll probably spend some more time on Singularity testing out Lifeblood content this weekend after I finish up my mining to make Gaze probes. I do want to test out my Warzone Extraction fits to see if they will work to run the Crimson Harvest sites in high sec. Since I have a little time, I might even take them into low sec, since I received some requests for that during the Warzone Extraction event. So I have a list of things to do in EVE this weekend. Maybe the writing will pick up again next week as I find more new things.

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