Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Rogue Swarm Turkey Shoot

In EVE Online, I am currently doing the Rogue Swarm Alert event. In high sec. I know, I know, I said I would never do that again. But between leveling up my horse in Elder Scrolls Online and establishing a worker empire in Black Desert Online, I didn't feel like wandering out to low sec to run the sites. Without trying to dodge other players, the content isn't much of a challenge.

Sure, if I went out in my traditional Arbitrator or switched it up to a Rupture or Stabber, the content would give me some difficulty. But the latest iteration of the Rogue Swarm event requires both a data analyzer and a salvager to get the most loot and points. So I went with a ship that provides a different type of challenge: a Vagabond.

No, I am not on drugs. I wait until after I finish playing before taking my cough syrup. But a Vagabond lacks a hacking bonus, and I'm using a clone without a hacking implant. Usually hacking a high sec site is no challenge. I've actually failed a couple of hacks.

That said, the Vagabond I'm flying is the same one I use to run Abyssal sites with two differences. The first is I put a Salvager II in the utility high slot. The second is I replace the afterburner with a Data Analyzer II. Unlike Abyssal sites, I can pretty much tank whatever gets thrown my way, so I don't need a prop module. And to save a little money, I use regular Phased Plasma M instead of the faction Republic Fleet ammunition.

The sites follow a predictable rhythm. First, I warp in at zero and launch drones. While my drones attack the three or four NPCs initially present in the site, I hack the disabled drone battleship. I usually take my time with the puzzle, because I'm not worried about any DPS coming in. By the time I finiish, the drones usually are working on the last NPC.

Once the battleship is hacked, the loot NPC, a battleship-sized drone, appears. At this time, I hit orbit at 2,500 meters and let my Hobgoblin IIs chew on the boss while I pick off the incoming waves with 220mm Autocannon IIs. If I'm lucky, the small fast drones show up. I consider the small, fast drones a positive since they count toward the NPC kills that provide event points. If the frigates and smaller drones get close enough I cannot track them, I then use my drones to kill the NPCs while I finish off the boss.

I would do better loot-wise if I traveled a few jumps into low sec. One of these days I'll fit out a Huginn to run one of these events in low security space. I'd think a PvP fit ship with a 60% web bonus might provide some entertainment. Well, it would if I actually knew how to PvP. But for now, I'm just trying to collect all the event prizes. I currently have over 800 points, which means I own all four of the battleship SKINs. I figure two more nights of grinding will get me to 1100 points and the blueprint crate at the end of the event. Then I can go back to running Abyssal sites.

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