Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Travelling Through A Bad Neighborhood

December has not been a good month for me in real life. Escaping into video games doing mindless tasks helps get my mind off things. When I mean mindless, I mean something that takes very little attention. I started extracting one of my alts from Triglavian space and I stopped someplace in XIX space. I had a little trouble concentrating.

Monday night I decided to get my alt back home to Heimatar. I logged into the game in the system of V-4DBR in Detorid. 

The Way Home

I started with the idea of using wormholes to get home. The system had a signature, so I probed it down and found a wormhole. I jumped in, bookmarked the hole, and flew off and established a bookmark. Easy peasy. Then I looked up the wormhole name in Dotlan, J145510. Another first for me in EVE. I'd never been in a Class 6 wormhole before. I didn't know they'd open directly to k-space. 

I started probing down signatures and found two wormholes, including the one I'd entered the system through. So I warped to the unknown wormhole ... and it wasn't there. I guess the owners were doing a little cleanup. Knowing the inhabitants were actually busy and alert, I decided to go back to Detorid. On my way out of the hole, I took a screenshot to record the activity. 

Back to k-space

Two Tempests and a Naglfar. Plus whatever cloaky strategic cruisers were providing support. Leaving the hole was probably wise, especially since my ship had no weapons.

Next, I went looking for signatures and jumped into B-5UFY. The only signature in system was a relic site. Normally I would have ran the site, but I wanted to get done that night. The next system, PQRE-W, didn't contain any sigs.

At this time, I was two jumps out of Wicked Creek and decided to find out just how empty null sec really is. So, in empty systems, I jumped gate to gate. In systems with another pilot, I went ahead and would bounce to a belt before jumping through.

The trip was pretty uneventful. I only saw one ship, and Ares, on a gate. The Gallente interceptor decloaked first and was aligned and warping off by the time I dropped my cloak. I did see Tank CEO fly through a system after I bounced to a belt. Tank CEO is a legendary figure from the beginning of EVE who had a classic, carebear encounter. Selecting the shortest route didn't run me into any obvious problems, although I did adjust my route to avoid R-3FBU in Scalding Pass. I didn't want to run into anyone from Warlords of the Deep. Some might remember the alliance from Alliance Tournament XIII, where they were stripped of the title due to collusion with Camel Empire.

Overall, an interesting way to spend a couple of hours, even if all I did was fly home.

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