Tuesday, July 5, 2022

EVE Online Concurrency At Lowest Level Since Blackout

The latest average concurrent users graph from Jester is out, and the news is not good, if not unexpected. At the end of June, the seven day average reached 17,000. 

The past 12 months

The difference between this year and last is in 2021 the numbers bottomed out during July. This year, the number of average users is poised to fall to 16,000. The 10% drop in concurrent logins due to sanctions following the Russian invasion of Ukraine certainly doesn't help matters.

2019 and The Chaos Era

The big factor that might inhibit a healthy comeback during the northern autumn season is the price hike implemented on 17 May. While the price increase may protect CCP's financial situation, fewer players in space may lead to more bored players. I've stated this for about a year now, but EVE really needs a proper expansion in order to maintain and perhaps even grow the player base. The company basically promised one by the end of the year. Hopefully we'll see something worth celebrating.

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