Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Race in Runes of Magic published an article based on a interview done at the Game Designers Conference in San Francisco with the developers of Runes of Magic. The first update is going to introduce a new race into the game: elves! They also hinted that the two new classes that will be introduced into the game may be limited to elves only.

Plans also include new mounts. Mounts that can carry 3 players! Woot!

I also like the idea of increasing the amount of music in the game. The places in the game with no music is pretty bad. I usually turn off the background music in games, but I keep it on when playing RoM. I guess it is still new enough that I'm not bored with the music yet.

Oh, and did I mention better crowd control for us scouts? My plan to poke my head into the game once or twice a week for a couple of hours as a change of pace from EQ2 is looking better all the time.

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