Sunday, April 19, 2009

What I've Been Listening To: April 12-18, 2009

I've been interjecting parts of my life into my Sunday posts the last couple of weeks. I got the QQ out of my system yesterday, so on with what I listened to over the last week. I just have to add one thing I noticed. I listen to a lot of podcasts with hosts that have an Eve Online background.

Van Hemlock #47 (Hosts: Tim Dale and Jon Shute) - The Van Hemlock podcast has a unique format in which a major topic is discussed every other week. This week's podcast is the news/what we're playing podcast format. So the conversation ranged from Frank Herbert's estate taking legal action against Second Life to the mission architect features in City of Heroes/City of Villians. The hosts also had a look at the PETA protest in WoW and a list of games more popular than World of Warcraft. The Twitter question of the week was what technology innovation would be good for on-line games.

Shut Up We're Talking #45 (Hosts: Darren Love and Karen) - Darren & Karen were joined by Van Hemlock and Jon the Ancient Gaming Noob. As Kirith Kodachi (who Darren referred to) noted in the discussion thread on Virgin Worlds, 3 Eve players and none of them sure of how the wormhole mechanic works. But since I don't play, I liked the discussion.

The two topics for the show were blogger privacy and how companies dish out advanced information on upcoming games. I was rather relieved at Van Hemlock's reply on blogger privacy ("And yes, my name is Tim. Hello!" ) since I have been using his name in these reviews. And Karen actually went on a rant! It is a G-rated rant, but when Van Hemlock had to follow, his reaction was "Crikey!".

The other topic I liked and deserves a mention is talk about Karen's, Darren's and Jon's kids playing on-line games. I thought it was cute.

I'm not going to say I liked the episode, but I'm giving this podcast another listen while I'm writing this post.

Free Play Podcast #18 (Hosts: Riknas & Andras) - The hosts were joined in this episode by Darren from Shut Up We're Talking. And yes, Riknas and I think Andras play Eve. But for this podcast, the focus was on Maple Story. Andras showed up late and Darren left early, but I don't think that impacted the show, as I got to hear Riknas and Darren talk about the news, Riknas and Andras talk about playing a game Darren couldn't install, and then Riknas and Andras answer listener mail.

Through the Aftermath #7 (Hosts: Shawn Schuester and Jonathan Morris) - In episode 7 the hosts did a listener mail show. Back when I first reviewed Through the Aftermath, I wrote:
They also replied to the emails and posts they received. If the quality of
feedback the pair receives continues at the quality the podcast received
after episode 3, then this podcast will become a hit.

This episode demonstated the podcast's following is still present and growing. Can forums be far behind?

On the podcasters who've played Eve theme, I know Jonathan is playing the game now.

Spouse Aggro #72 (Hosts: Beau and Leala Turkey) - If Beau Turkey is involved in something, you just know he is going to want to do something cutting edge. So this episode was recorded in a diner over breakfast. That's cool, especially since they made it work! I did have a bit of a problem hearing Beau, but that's because I was trying to listen to the episode on a train.

To all the people who are going to copy this concept, just remember one thing. Gimmicks will get attention, but you better have some solid content to go with it. This episode had that. And now Beau has his diner podcasting achivement (/chuckle).

Channel Massive #85 (Hosts: Noah, Jason & Mark) - Real life is creeping into the life of the M team as Mark recounts driving his wife to the hospital in the middle of a blizzard and Jason gets the credit card he uses to pay for his games hacked. Other than that the M team take a look at the news in a bit of a subdued fashion in this episode. The podcast will be undergoing a format change, so I'll be wondering what the future holds for the Channel Massive podcast.

EQ2's-day broadcast on April 7 (Hosts: Dellmon & Zanadi) - In this episode, we find out about Dell's sad troubadour's failure to reach level 80 by the opening day of the baseball season. That's an oversimplification of the show, but the devs should put in some code so that Dellmon can never play a scout-class again. I'd hate to see what he'd do with a ranger.

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