Saturday, April 18, 2009

What A Saturday

This hasn't been the greatest week for me. Working hard is leading to drinking hard. But that part creates good memories and recalls others as long as I'm drinking with my co-workers and not by myself. The bad part was having part of my garage ceiling collapse because the unit over the garage had leaky bathroom pipes. I own my own place, but the rest of the folks who live in my building rent, and I got to deal with the landlords of the place with the leak. Seem to be nice people and the husband is a pastor. They are going to have their sons come over next Saturday and fix my garage. I'm pretty sure they will since that unit will get cold next winter if the insulation doesn't get replaced.

With that done, I had to log in from home and work for the next 5 hours. Ruined my whole afternoon for gaming, but it was worth $200. The question I have is, is $200 enough to keep you from being ticked off about not being to play your favorite game at a time you wanted to?

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