Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Explosion of Podcast Goodness

I got home late last night and did a little surfing the net instead of logging into EverQuest 2. I went over to Virgin Worlds to check out the latest news. Oh my gosh, Brent posted the latest editions of both Shut Up We're Talking and the Free Play Podcast yesterday. Reading the show notes made things even better. Darren from SUWT is on the Free Play Podcast and Tim Dale (a.k.a. Van Hemlock) and Jon the Ancient Gaming Noob are on Shut Up We're Talking!

Things got even better when I checked the RSS feed on the blog and saw that the M team put up a new Channel Massive podcast last night.

Then this morning, Brent posted a new Van Hemlock podcast!

So many podcasts, so little time.

And don't forget that Tuesday night on Online Gaming Radio features EQ2's-day from 7-9pm Eastern and The Jethal Silverwing Show from 10pm - midnight Eastern.

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