Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Goons Are Really Leaving Null Sec?

For those who were wondering if the Goons were leaving Delve, stop wondering. According to Dotlan, at 6:17:48 GMT on 3 February the Goons let the sovereignty drop on 101 systems. Of course, part of that is that the Goon leader that failed to pay the bills that led to the the Goon bug out of Delve, Khartoon, reportedly pulled the plug on the alliance. According to the listing for Goonswarm on Dotlan, the plug was pulled at 6:30:27 GMT 3 February.

Goonswarm currently only holds one system in 0.0 space, Z-UZZN in Querious. If I have the rules figured out, the Goon sovereignty over that system may end on 5 February at 13:44:53. That would leave Goonswarm completely out of null sec.

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