Monday, February 15, 2010

Is This A Sign To Play Mount & Blade?

I just checked the Dev Blog section and saw this:

Downtime Jobs Delayed Until Tomorrow
reported by CCP Wrangler | 2010.02.15 19:50:42

During Tranquility's daily downtime, certain jobs are performed, such as reseeding asteroid belts. Unfortunately, these type of jobs did not run during today's downtime; as a result, asteroids were not reseeded, outposts were not created from construction platforms, and outpost upgrades did not occur. Additionally, corporation standings and various statistics were not updated.

I just bought a Cheetah and have been having fun exploring. Oh, well. I needed to grind some faction anyway. Now I might have some time to finish the riding tutorial in Mount & Blade. Now to stop writing and play.

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