Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CCP Sreegs Unleashed: Scarlet Numbers

CCP Sreegs didn't want those RMTers anyway

With one tweet CCP Sreegs started a load of fun around RMT in Eve Online.  While members of TEST Alliance Please Ignore asked each other on Reddit who lost money, Pandemic Legion was busy trolling the player base on both Kugutsumen and the Eve Online forums that they had now had a negative balances of 15 trillion within the alliance.  Yesterday CCP Sreegs issued a dev blog clarifying the situation.
"Much like with the initial reintroduction of botting bans many of you have noticed that a wonderful event occurred last Friday. Prior to Fanfest and again at Fanfest I promised that the security team would be looking into RMT as well as botting. Last Friday saw the first results of that work. I'm not going to get into confirming or denying who was involved as per policy and as much as I love to write I'm just going to break down the results of the first action into bullet points."
  • Around 105 accounts with direct ties to RMT (Real Money Trade) operations banned permanently
  • Between 1-3 trillion ISK in assets seized permanently
  • Around 500 billion ISK in RMT transactions reversed
Unlike botters, those engaged in selling illicit isk receive no warnings, just a permanent ban.  Those who purchase the isk have it removed, even if it means the player's wallet goes into negative numbers.  You can tell because the numbers go red.  Also, just like the War on Bots™, CCP Sreegs plans a daily war of attrition against the RMT operators instead of allowing them to operate unmolested for weeks at a time.

Botters should not feel left out.  CCP Sreegs intends to hit botters every day and expects to take an average of 100 billion isk a day from their wallets.

And just as a taste of things to come, tacked onto the end of the dev blog was information that another RMT/bot ring consisting of 365 accounts was banned.  The war is starting to heat up again.

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