Monday, April 2, 2012

CCP's War On Bots: Eve Pilot Tears, March 2012

Note: This blog post was originally titled "CCP's War On Bots: Tiny Miner Tears, March 2012".  I got my eve bots confused.  I apologize for the error.

I was in the audience for the Eve Security presentation and was delighted when CCP Sreegs pointed to The Nosy Gamer in his presentation for my coverage on the War on Bots™.  Inspired, I have gone out and looked for some good tears from botting sites.  I found a lot on the forums for  Eve Pilot. Here are some comments from some users.  I can't give out links because they are hidden behind a pay wall.  But I'm taking screenshots to document the original text.  Enjoy!

15 March:

  I woke this morning to find 4 of my 4 accounts banned. I was only running the bot on one account... Great!  Anyone else getting banned? Or was I singled out?

desi0103a:  No you are not allone i lost at this moment all my 11 acc that are not funny now i think the bot is not safe ;(

liu_kuojen:  3bots, 5 accounts banned. including 1 account that has never touched any macro'ed isk

Eldritch: 6 accounts banned - for 2 weeks (thank god not permanent).
only 2 were botting on a different pc - same network, so it's deffinitely an ip-ban.
Very nice from ccp: i payed a new account today to switch from trial to normal account - also banned.
But I have to say, that I mined 23/7 the last days and that i used it although it behaved strange, so it's most likely not a problem with the bot.

godless: banned 2 accounts. 1 only macroing.
I am switching to another game after 7 years playing it. This game is for fucking ccp's friends. I don't have a public IP so it's kinda weird they banned me 2 accounts.

rider23:  I was botting 20hrs/day, on 4 accounts, all banned (+1 extra!) for 2 weeks. 2 remain.  Now, without botting I have no other way to make isk and get plexes for all accounts even for my main.  So there is no way to play for FREE.   FREE? Hmm, seems that CCP have problems with their funding to support company, servers, etc.

Fuck them I say (sorry, but I had to say that) and I finally understood that I have no true need to play their game (or are they who play with us?),even though I have been with EVE since 1994...

So, I will let them eat my s**t, and on my 2 remaining unblocked accounts I have started the process to return all characters to the virtual biomass, where they virtually came from. Subscriptions already canceled.

It was one of the best games I've played but now I regret for the real money and the effort I have spent to this game.  All the dedication I've given to this game could be a type of mental slavery.  And I do believe that it is not worth investing money to any game unless we learn something from it. I have only learned a lot of useless crap for this game.


17 March:

  I have yet to be banned and have been using the BOT on 2 accounts - I think I might have got lucky though as I stopped playing for about a month when everyone was getting banned and I had a day off when the next lot of people started getting banned...

EDIT - Both accounts just got banned..

March 18:

Ok, something fishy is goin' on.  I just create a new trial account, who only went to jita, and bought 1 skill book.  Only thing he did "wrong" was running launcher and eve, while evepilot was sitting in the background.  I have renamed the title to notepad, a long time ago.  But this character has NOT done anything in game, that would cause a EULA violation. But now he is banned for 14 days.  Who bannes a trial account?

29 March:

  Мой аккаунт сегодня забанили до 11.04. Причина - использование макро. Вот так то...  C этим ничего нельзя сделать?

My account was banned today to 4.11.  The reason - the use of macro.  That's it... C that nothing can be done?

fartovii:  А вообще, не могу понять логику CCP. Борьба с ботами? Так ботов, на мой взгляд, около 20% активных аккаунтов в еве. И какой смысл в этой "борьбе"?

In general, I cannot understand the logic of CCP.  The fight with bots?  So bots, in my opinion, about 20% of active accounts in Eve.  And what's the point in this "fight"?

30 March:

  So, a while back all 3 of my miners got banned.  They are still showing banned waiting investigation.

Has there been any devlopments on whats happening with this all? It seemed CCP were having a huge wave of banning everyone, I know quite a few who got banned. When my accounts are unbanned, what do you guys suggest I do? I hear that you cannot sell an account any more if its ever previously been banned, is this true?

I was thinking of continuing mining on those 3 accounts but less often and starting training up new accounts now .... what do you all think is best to do?

Dinky:  Sorry to report but this message normally means that the characters have been perma banned. The same thing has happened to me with my characters. I pressed the GM's for an answer to when there investigation would be finished & the outcome was a perma ban. The message on logon simply means that CCP have not got the balls to state you are banned but the message means just that, so don't bank on getting the characters back.

The mistake I made was being greedy & associating the same email addresses with my main characters & the whole chain was banned- a lot of characters in all with mains in excess of 80 million SP each


  1. I cannot understand these people who need to mine all day, every day to pay for their accounts. Are they mining Omber? Or perhaps they are trying to solo PvP in battleships in null?

    More people need to read the making ISK guide in the Evelopedia!

  2. what i cannot understand is that they are clearly botting but are still saying it's unfair they got banned xD

    it's like a guy saying he don't understand while he goes to jail after saying he killed someone xD

  3. Bot tears fuel my internet spaceship! Thanks for finding the fuel. Keep up the great work.

    1. Loving this comment, lots of BOT tears, keep them coming! :-D

  4. They don't play the game, we don't need them, we won't miss them, good riddance. Their pathetic mewling is entertaining though so keep it coming.

    1. So long as isk has a very real RL cash value, botting will always be prevalent.

  5. It's no surprise that these bot-tards have entitlement issues. It even makes me laugh when they try to rationalize the use of bots by acting like they know anything about economics or how it's improved by an RMT-bot in Eve. Bot-tards, all of them are.

  6. I'm still botting every day with no problems. Though thats with a bot I have coded myself and not given out to anyone :) Let the ISK just keep on coming.

    1. Don't worry your turn is coming, remember this guy

      17 March:

      Gregar: I have yet to be banned and have been using the BOT on 2 accounts - I think I might have got lucky though as I stopped playing for about a month when everyone was getting banned and I had a day off when the next lot of people started getting banned...

      EDIT - Both accounts just got banned..


    2. Yeah except CCP is identifying by excessive hour and software sigs. So they wont find me.

    3. Sorry, that type of comment won't work. I'm not going to disclose the best speculation in botting circles on what CCP is doing.

    4. Bet I'm still botting 6 months from now.

    5. I call bullshit on a guy running his own hand-coded bot, you would do far better to sell the code to a bot company (or a large alliance) and just buy PLEX with the cash from the sale... Have your ODD loked at fella.

    6. It takes 20 minutes to code an extremely basic bot for EVE. Spend your free time for a week improving on it and adding randomisation in and you can come up with a fairly solid program.

      Some people also just enjoy coding things enough to not want to deal with the hassle of customers.

    7. "excessive hour and software sigs"

      I love that people think that companies bother with software sigs. It's laughable. A bot's easy to spot even with so called 'customization'. The only reason games companies don't ban them is that your still paying to play. As soon as they start loosing real players that's when a company reacts.

      Keep using your bot man eventually you'll get caught, then start again, then get caught ext thinking each time you've out smarted them in some way. The thing you don't realise is that it costs them nothing to ban you and strip your wealth. All that's happening is your wasting your own time, on a game you don't even play properly.

      Carry on my friend, carry on.

    8. "I love that people think that companies bother with software sigs. It's laughable."

      You are an idiot. Why do you think that bans are coming in waves on all the bot forums? They are banning the commercial botting clients one by one as they discover how to accurately identify them.

  7. Sweet sweet tears. Thanks for that it made my day.

  8. need more quotes :)

  9. This is awesome. I can't wait to see more bots banned regularly, and then they can keep ironing it down narrowing in on targets. Heck we'll report bots and macro users to CCP ourselves. Time to earn some isk loosers the real way.

    lol get owned!

  10. To respond to the asshat thats still using his own botting program, I hope they don't catch you until you have spent hours of gameplay making it to where you want to have it all taken out from underneath you. You will be back here crying the same tears as the rest of the botters.

    Thanks for all the fish and don't let the door hit you on the way out :)


  11. these tears are almost as sweet as mittani tears,,, almost ;)

  12. Go CCP. Keep it up, I need some laughs these days.

  13. Its about freaking time.. I am so happy this happened. Keep it up CCP! For all those 'botters' who are crying, im sending the whambulance your way.

  14. These guys are so full of shit it's unbelievable :D.

    Especially this one:

    "....,even though I have been with EVE since 1994... "


  15. Needs moar botter tears. You are not entitled to play the game via cheats. You are not special. You aren't even particularly noteworthy, except as that drag on society that sucks away the effort of those who put in time and brainpower and grind to get ahead. You are the welfare class, and we'd be well rid of you.

    -an 8 (almost 9) year Eve vet, who ain't even bitter. Much.

  16. Hilarious and delicious, both at the same time! I cannot ask for more! Those botters who are banned had at one time or another prided themselves with "I will never get bust because...." LOL !!
    Oh yeah richest one here is the "...even though I have been with EVE since 1194.." WAHAHAHA. So you stood in playground since 1994 without actually playing the game. CRY LOSER BWAAAAAA!!

  17. LMAO tard. You cannot start a sentence with a capital letter.

    More tears please. They are hilarious to read.

  18. I never used a BOT, but that is why I quit EvE. Three accounts at $45 a month is not worth the money. That is 540 bucks a year that I would rather spend on my kids then a lame game. World of Tanks at least can be played for free with an option of paying to accelerate development. And no, I do not want to play more to get free plexes. If anyone here has kids, you realize that the idea of plexing is nothign else but a way to make you spend more time behing the screen then you normally would allow yourself. Enjoy!