Monday, April 16, 2012

CCP's War On Bots: H-Bot Tears Are Interesting

Tomorrow is tax day here in the U.S.  Since I know a lot of people are feeling the blues as they scramble to finish their federal and state tax forms, I thought about how I could brighten the day.  The only way I know is to publish some more forum porn from a botting forum.  Today's spotlight falls on H-Bot.

H-Bot is an Eve Online mission and ratting bot that apparently is pretty popular, even at a price of 30 euros.  But does that higher price lead to a higher quality of tears than those I found on the Eve Pilot (Eve Miner/Eve Trader) forums a couple of weeks ago?  I'll let you be the judge.  Enjoy!

27 Feb 12 - Diligent:  "I believe that these actions are only fanfest propaganda. I don't have my accounts banned, never had. I don't RMT. I have 4 bots, my friend has more and also don't get banned. Maybe we will be banned next few days but anyway...whatever you do it's too late. IMHO they don't look for how long you bot, 23h or 8. Bots are pretty easy to find. Just look at tengu players that uses specific fit or at least subsystem, then check his wallet. You got list of bots, then ban few accounts that had money transfered. So we have multiple accounts baned wchich raises statistics. I think this move is not to ban us permanently but show society how good is policeman. In my country there are days called by policemans "blue days", where all forces are on the street. Just to show ppl that police is there and doing their job, so they can feel safe.

"CCP as professional developer ended "hobby and cool game" stasis and entered "making big money" stasis. So remember that those guys from management have to show profit $$ at the end of month. So it's not interest to ban bots. Especially when Nex Store idea failed at start Cheesy.

"But anyway, whatever will happen I will be pissed if my main get banned and I wouldn't be at PVP, even for a week."

15 Mar 12 - Diligent:  "Just got banned. 2 bots that were in use + my main char.  Great Job CCP Smiley. Now it's time to take care of my GF and other game. Be back in 2 weeks o/"

28 Feb 12 - Pepko:  "They got statistic on everything : check this link!/CCP_Diagoras - they can see every shit that happens.  I dont think anyone can run anomalies for 8 hours without break .... so i think they know exactly who is botting."

1 Mar 12 - mike8787:  On the news that accounts flagged for botting can no longer transfer character:  "Well they just lost 40k euro in transfer fees. Sreggs mentioned they want to do this every month. That's potential half mil euro loss per year. Let's see how long he can keep it up before accountants show up and format his hdd lol"

11 Mar 12 - chzz808:  "is anyone still being hit by the bandwave or is it safe to come out of the cave"

12 Mar 12

jackoko: "Guys only bot when you are near the computer, or get banned.  I am always watching my bot on a second screen and if anything comes up I react like a real player"

wutwutwhy:  "so why bother botting"

16 Mar 12 - Scald:  "I'm using different e-mails for each account, but 4 chars was banned. So they use not only e-mails to track related accounts - I suppose IP, isk transfer and many other things can be used."

22 Mar 12 - MrBlubb:  "I think, the problem is that hbot shows a very very special behaviour, that is easy to see on logs:

- Most people bot with open map due to OCR Problems.
- hbot keeps hitting Engage drones on every cycle, even if drones are already on target.
- current hbot layout for the eve-client is way to strict.
- hbot very often loads new overview (usual players will use tabs)
- hbot keeps trying to target a target, that is actually in the locking process (means a carrier will retry to target a frig like 20 times, until its actually locked)
- Color Schema: Black, black, black... (why not use a configurable fore- and background color with only NO Transparency?)

and so on."

26 Mar 12:  Clevik and nubhubble respond to CCP Sreegs' Security presentation at Fanfest.

Clevik:  "I don't know if they realize it but putting wallets into negative is pretty much a 1-strike policy.  There is no way people are going to try and work their way out of a 10-20bil negative wallet.  And since you can't upgrade your clone, make contracts, or do anything really, that account is essentially dead.  I can understand the no trading characters after a ban, but if they want to try and make players good after a ban and keep them, they would take away assets on the 2nd or 3rd strike."

nubhubble:  "We will see whether this is bluff or not but CCP can't go around setting every bots wallet in the negative. They're already losing out on a lot of money through not allowing characters who've been banned to be traded. This will really cause serious problems for them. But don't underestimate the stupidity of CCP."

29 Mar 12 - Diligent:  "To bot or not to bot? What do you think guys? Bans going out today, is it worth to risk second strike or wait some time until CCP forget about bots?"

29 Mar 12 - Zeevs:  "todai got ban for all caracter include those who non bot !  Intresting thing that am just siting in local 2 days and do not rat and get ban Smiley ccp is sheet"

4 Apr 12 - Sashka_kakashka:  "it is over?"


  1. I always love the suggestion by people who bot that they are making CCP money. Botters pay with plex and making things like mining a much lower profit activity than it use to be. They remove content from the game. What excatly do they think they are giving to CCP?

    The company has made it pretty clear they don't want botters and if they find you botting they'll do nasty stuff to you.

  2. Bot tears! Awesome! Almost as good as Goon and Griefer tears.

  3. Really interesting stuff! It's also kind of interesting to me how nobody brings up "transfer ISK to the characters with negative ISK balances to bring them back up", because that's just silly, obviously. ;-)