Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Religious Revival In New Eden?

In this time of corruption, currently embodied by the scandal involving the security apparatus of a Caldari megacorp, is it any wonder that many capsuleers are turning towards religion?  Aside from the recent growth of the population in Amarr, pilots are flocking to another religious organization, the Sisters of EVE.  So much so that the Sisters had to issue a communique from their headquarters in Pure Blind.  
X-7OMU – The Sisters of EVE are temporarily raising the security clearance of two of their agents in response to increased capsuleer demand for high-stakes tasks. Mekamireki Fedas in Apanake and Kiljavas Yaskasen in Lanngisi are being, raised from their current “level two” clearance to “level four”. These two agents are also being moved from their current Distribution division to Security.

“Both Mekamireki and Kiljavas are exceptional agents,” said Chief of Staff Titrutolf Haluarin. “They have proven their worth to us for years. Recently we have found more and more people want to help the Sisters fight threats to innocent people across the cluster. Unfortunately, we haven't had the infrastructure to find missions for them. With Mek and Kil taking on those duties, we are confident we can fill the need.”

According to Halaurin, these clearance changes are currently temporary, but it is possible one posting will become permanent. “We do still need these two in their Distribution positions, but we are having others pick up the slack temporarily. We think that eventually the additional swell of support will fade away. However, if demand is high enough it is possible one of the two will retain their clearance level. This will be based on their performance in their new role, the number of people who utilize them, and other factors.”
Of course, some may raise their eyebrows at the Sisters working with pod pilots as rumor has it that a powerful faction within the Sisters finds the capsuleer penchant for inflicting "collateral damage", to put it mildly, extremely distasteful.  But the Sisters are also known for a policy of strict neutrality, only running afoul of the Amarr as both place religious significance to the EVE Gate

Perhaps with the recent groundswell of interest the Sisters will try to enlist the capsuleers in an active role in finding and unlocking the mysteries of the EVE Gate.  The Sisters already supply favored capsuleers with advanced scanning equipment.  Would they go so far as to increase their support to supplying ships?  Supply capsuleers ships?  That's crazy talk!


  1. Haha... it's only those crazy capsuleers complainig Osmon was to crowded.

  2. Ha! Nice writeup. Sadly not much of the whole SoE-as-pirate-faction change makes much sense, from lore to ship stats.

    Another wasted opportunity...