Friday, October 25, 2013

Someone We Should Feel Sorry For

While many have followed the SOMERblink saga, notorious gud Tweeter wartzilla reminded us of what's important.

That's right, what about the poor slob that has to put up with all the abuse.  In EVE Online, that job falls to the men and women of CONCORD's Directive Enforcement Department.  When Goonswarm decides to burn Jita, who do you think is asked to put out the fire?  The Caldari Navy?  Please, get serious.  Or who has to handle the complains when The New Order decides to teach a miner how to tank his ship using a practical exercise?  Sure, teaching people not to use smartbombs in high sec sounds like a fun job, but look who you deal with all the way out to lowsec.

So the next time you think about pulling the trigger in high security space, please, think of the poor people in those ships that have to reduce your shiny ship to slag and just say no.

From the latest Freebooted video about Rubicon


  1. Did you ever look at the whole video of what happened at UC davis? did you ever consider that the media, and the OWS people might have not been completely innocent? Look online (cant find the link to the full video from work as i cant get at youtube behind the firewall but the full video is around and about 15+ min long) find the video and watch. The part showing a cop pepper spraying a line of people is but a small part of it. Being a cop, and not one that is a piece of code is often a very thankless job. The protesters on private property were told that they would not be allowed to set up a camp there, protest yes, move in no. the camp was cleared, and those refusing that lawful order were detained. The line of protesters who were sprayed were part of a large ring of protesters surrounding several policemen, and these detained individuals. The protesters had demanded the release of those individuals before they would move, and importantly were all warned individually that they would be pepersprayed if they continued to break the law by blocking the squad cars coming to bring those detained individuals to the police station for processing. California penal code makes it a crime to impeed emergency response vehicle when their sirens, and or flashers are on. This includes, but is not limited to police squad cars, ambulances, and firetrucks.

    So after being informed that they would be removed if they continued to prevent the passage of an emergency response vehicle they were moved with what was probably the minimal amount of force possible given their tightly locked arms.

    The officer by the way was not found guilty of anything because he acted legally. even after this he received piles of hate mail, email, phone calls, death threats etc.

    Now lets look at what would have happened without pepper spray. each student would have had to been restrained individually, probably through the use of three to 4 officers, and brought in for processing (i doubt they would have not resisted arrest) the likelihood of injury in that case is very hi; broken bones, lacerations, damaged joints, sometimes life altering and debilitating injuries. It also would have taken a much larger police presence to do quickly enough that the circle was not just instantly reinforced. The students got off easy, and then settled with the school for their own pain and suffering (something i think the school should have never done, but that is a different story)

    Before someone decides to throw out the "Right to Protest" as a defense remember that your rights end exactly where the rights of others pick up. Your right to protest is not blanket protection from breaking the law. I cant move into your house, and say that i am protesting your stupid, or anything else. that is at a minimum trespass and likely breaking and entering. The law to function has to be fair and applied as evenly as is humanly possible. Breaking the law to protest someone else being evil doesn't help your cause, it hurts it badly.


  2. Maybe you should do some reading yourself. I followed your advice and found that: "The report by the university's task force investigating the crackdown [...] found that "Lieutenant Pike's use of force in pepper spraying seated protesters was objectively unreasonable," and that "the evidence does not provide an objective, factual basis for Lt. Pike's purported belief that he was trapped, that any of his officers were trapped, or that the safety of their arrestees was at issue." from via

    Apparently your believe of what would have happened is not backed by the investigation and only that: your believe.

    "The officer by the way was not found guilty of anything because he acted legally."

    Wrong, "the Yolo County District Attorney's office, citing insufficient evidence, announced that it would not prosecute any of the police officers involved in the incident for illegal use of force."

    There was no trial, he wasn't found not guilty. He was not prosecuted. Huge difference. And that was about *illegal* use of force. That doesn't imply that his use of force was justified in any way. That leaves us again with the only official evaluation we have, the one of the university, which says his actions were unreasonable.

  3. I can't take credit for that particular image, I lifted it from CCP's official Rubicon announcement stream. Thanks for pimping my video though. :)