Friday, November 14, 2014

Building Caches

With the launch of Phoebe and the changes to long distance travel, the major null sec powers have reportedly built caches of capitals throughout their areas of influence.  The logic makes sense.  Put slow moving ships in areas where a corp or alliance wants to fly and move the pilots around in fast moving ships.

Why not?  I've basically done that for the past year or so.  Currently I have two major bases of operation in low security space, although I've stopped mining from one due to the increased threat level of a PvP alliance moving into my home system.  I really need to make a third due to the activities of one of my alts basically requiring a better ship to mine in than a Venture to supply ore for storyline missions.  I have a Procurer I keep in a Giant Secure Container to move around for such occasions, but I'm getting lazy.  Besides, with the Higgs Anchor pretty much a required rig now, I don't want to repackage ships.  Those things are still expensive and I'm researching my BPO in order to mass produce them.

Right now I'm trying to make my caches more than a mining barge, mining crystals, and a stock of ammunition for when my warships pay a visit.  Ideally, I'd like each base to have a Procurer, Prospect, Cheetah, Hound, and Jaguar.  I've had the Procurers purchased for some time because I know I will lose some.  The Prospect is a nice ship to roam with and performs wonderfully in gas harvesting missions.  The Cheetah and Hound are ships for Rosewalker to fly.  The Hound provides needed DPS to clear out the big NPC ships in belts and I like the ability to swap to the Cheetah for exploration at a moments notice.  I really do need to start running data and relic sites again.  Finally, the Jaguar provides that needed tackle when Mordu's Legion shows up in the belts.

I'm actually close to that goal now.  I've researched the Prospect and Cheetah blueprints and hopefully will have some Hound and Jaguar BPCs finished on Saturday.  I also have blueprints for most of the fittings.  I just need to run some more Sisters missions to get the LP to buy more faction probe launchers and probes.  But once I'm set up, I can either clone jump or move from place to place in my blockade runners.  I'm looking forward to that day.  Quite frankly, I'm getting lazy and am tired of moving ships around.  Having a few caches of ships scattered around sounds like a good idea.

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