Friday, September 4, 2015

An Easy Way To Improve Your EVE Online Experience

I have a piece of longstanding advice I give to people who want to play an MMORPG: never visit the official forums. The company run forums for any game are a place where those disgruntled with the game gravitate in order to bitch and moan about whatever the grievance of the month is. But as big of a ball of negativity official forums are, they provide one central location that a community team needs to observe and, when necessary, post on. Official forums, in the grand scheme of things, are a necessary evil.

I now have a second rule: never visit Reddit. In many ways, Reddit is worse than the official EVE Online forums. At least on the official forums, you don't have to read the words of people who are banned. Yes, I know I made my name by posting botter tears, but the posts I read on Reddit make the arguments on botting forums look well-reasoned and informed. As dumb as botters are, Reddit is worse.

I was surprised when I saw CCP employees openly posting on Reddit. Quite frankly, a very stupid thing for CCP to allow. Employees of a game openly posting on third-party forums usually doesn't end well. In addition, posting on a third-party site gives legitimacy and draws people to the site. After all, people do want to read what the devs think. But luring impressionable new players to a place like Reddit that is essentially a big ball of negative energy? Not smart.

CCP may choose to maintain a presence on Reddit, but except for visiting the Signal Cartel sub-reddit, I'm done with the site. Signal Cartel is an attractive place to play because of its upbeat and positive culture. I don't have time to read or listen to a bunch of nattering nabobbs of negativism. Avoiding them should make playing EVE a much more enjoyable experience.

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