Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Hot Takes On EVE Online's January 2019 Patch Notes

The January update is here and I thought I should actually read the patch notes for a change. Normally CCP releases something good-sized to focus on, but the January release looks focused on bug fixes and quality of life issues. Here are some of the highlights.

Fixed an issue where wormholes would sometimes not correctly expire over downtime. This could lead to static wormhole's reappearing at the same location as the previous one, or wormholes that lead to different locations in different directions. - This is way down in the patch notes, but I'm sure wormhole dwellers will rejoice.

The following Implants no longer affect fighters (only Drones):
  • CreoDron 'Bumblebee' Drone Tuner T10-5D
  • CreoDron 'Yellowjacket' Drone Tuner D5-10T
  • Overmind 'Hawkmoth' Drone Tuner S10-25T
  • Overmind 'Goliath' Drone Tuner T25-10S

I don't know about the effects in PvP, but I would wager the economic effects in PvE where carrier and supercarrier are concerned probably inspired the change.

It is now no longer possible to re-dock at an Upwell structure in high sec while having a criminal timer and flying any ship (except a capsule). This is now behaving the same way as for stations. - I have the feeling this was a bug. At least, I hope so. Something tells me gankers were using the "feature" to get around the 15 minute cool down. Since I hardly ever go where the high sec gankers hang out, I'm not too concerned (or jumping for joy).

Upgrades within the Seeker Investigation has been redesigned to be easier to understand, and so that it no longer relies on the redeem queue.- I like that the emphasis on the redeem queue is out. I didn't like using the redeem queue when I ran a character through the NPE. If new players do have things in the redeem queue, they can see them on the character selection screen when logging in.

Fixed an issue where some users were not receiving skill rewards from the Seeker Investigation. - For those who have not gone through the Seeker Investigations, I suggest going though the first task once to help CCP test out the fix. Trust me on this one. (h/t Matterall)

Being tethered to an Upwell Structure will no longer prevent an Interdictor from activating Interdiction Sphere Launchers. Once launched, the bubble will prevent the ship from being re-tethered until it expires. - Honestly, this one confuses me a bit. Does this mean an interdictor cannot tether if it has any bubbles still active? I guess the change could result in fewer bubbles dropped.

A new dissolve effect will now play when an after mining efforts deplete all mineral resources from an asteroid. - I don't normally watch the rocks pop while mining. Usually I'm too focused on my surroundings. Still, CCP putting in a nice animation when a rock dies is a nice touch.

Corrected the drone mining bonus on the Arbitrator to remove its impact on ice harvesting drones. - As miners know, CCP givith, and CCP taketh away.

Added an extra warning when offlining the last structure service module, which would put the structure into "low power" mode - A nice quality of life improvement designed to prevent accidentally losing your citadel or smaller structure.

Kill mails where a structure is the attacker will now include the structure owner's alliance. Previously only the corporation was included. - A change that might make intel just a little easier to gain. I'm pretty sure it only saves 1 or 2 mouse clicks or keystrokes, though. Of course, if someone is searching through 30 or 40 kill mails, that does add up.

Search history now visible in the EVE Search if you press backspace when the input box is already empty. - Any little feature that helps people use the new search feature instead of trying to remember a few places to look is definitely a nice quality of life issue resolved.

All the map fixes.- Honestly, I don't like the in-game map. I probably need to learn how to use the darn think. As long as I have Dotlan, I'm good.

Fixed an issue that caused the tether graphical effect to disappear a few km before the tether effect is removed. - I wonder if this bug had any effect in the big battles in null sec. Imagine a group of titans unleashing an avalanche of doomsdays on an invulnerable foe. That could help turn a battle.

The rest of the structure fixes. - Truthfully, I have a hard time getting excited about structures. I've never owned one, and never plan to.

I probably missed a few important items, but those were the ones that stood out to me. Out of all the fixes on the list, though, I really want to see the asteroid animation. I plan on hopping into a barge and watching a rock dissolve instead of just going poof.

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