Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Probes Now Optional In Thera

A lot of wormhole players claim Thera is not a wormhole. The latest release for EVE Online yesterday, Invasion Chapter 2, will help reinforce the belief. With the implementation of shared bookmarks, EVE-Scout, the parent alliance of Signal Cartel, has added to its Thera services.

Public EVE-Scout Thera Bookmarks

Probes are now optional* when visiting Thera! EVE-Scout is now publishing bookmarks for all entries and exits for Thera.

To access bookmarks:
  • Join the "EVE-Scout" in-game channel.
  • Click on the "EVE-Scout \\ Thera" link in the channel MOTD.
  • Click the "Connect" button in the "Connect to Folder" window.
  • Bookmarks will now be listed under "EVE-Scout \\ Thera" when you right-click in space.
To find the nearest connection to Thera visit Search for your system and then sort by "Jumps". You can also view current connections on a map of New Eden by visiting

December will mark 5 years of service in Thera. We are excited to bring more value with our Shared Bookmarks. Next time you are looking for a shortcut consider using Thera.

If you find our service helpful consider donating to "EVE-Scout" corporation in-game. Donations support our dedicated scouts and make our Thera service possible.

* EVE-Scout makes no guarantees for your safe passage through Thera with or without probes.
I will put in a caveat that someone may have rolled the wormhole you wish to traverse since the wormhole was posted to But thanks to the shared bookmark system, players hopefully won't get trapped anymore. Well, unless they get camped into one of the stations.

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