Monday, October 12, 2020

Stargate Closures Have Begun ... In Null Sec

The fireworks began a day earlier than expected as the GE-8JV/V-3YG7 gate in Catch shut down after downtime today.

We will have to see how widespread the closures are. For those wondering if CCP is including null sec in the Triglavian storyline fun, the answer is yes. Now to check high and low sec, as the gate closures for the final liminal sites in those two security bands was expected to take place tomorrow.

UPDATE 1330 UTC: The M-OEE8/Taisy gate in Tribute has shut down.

UPDATE 1345 UTC: Famed explorer Katia Sae is reporting on an Amar Navy mobilization in Sasiekko at the Raravoss gate. Sounds like Signal Cartel is mobilizing to check out the activity. Raravoss was the first system to reach final liminality.

UPDATE 1355 UTC: The D-GTMI/F9E-KX gate in Providence is down. I don't think any strategic gates have been affected yet, but I don't play in null sec.

UPDATE 1410 UTC: The YZ-LQL/75FA-Z gate in Fountain has shut down.

UPDATE 1420 UTC: It appears the gate shutdowns in null sec are not related to the past presence of storms.

UPDATE 1430 UTC: The P3EN-E/Obe gate in Vale of the Silent is down.

UPDATE 1500 UTC: The first high sec gate, Agil/Hishai gate in Khanid, has shut down.

UPDATE 1505 UTC: Signal Cartel is moving into the Triglavian controlled systems in order to provide their signature rescue services.
UPDATE 1515 UTC: The Republic Fleet is forming up on the Republic Fleet Mobilizing on Ansen/Krirald gate in Metropolis. Ansen & Krirald are low sec systems.

Also, Reload is reporting that the Agil/Hishai gate in Khanid is coming back online.
UPDATE 1915 UTC: It appears what is happening is that when a gate goes down, the gate gets rebooted and comes back online. This looks like gates will go down until downtime, but that is just speculation.

UPDATE 1930 UTC: This is a bit late, but we know the name of the new Triglavian region: Pochven.

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