Wednesday, December 15, 2021

My Endwalker Experience, Days 11-12

I am almost at the end of the main story questline (MSQ) of Final Fantasy XIV's Endwalker expansion. Over the last two days I completed the content from the start of the journey to the edge of the universe up to the final trial in the MSQ. I attempted the final trial but the group failed and disbanded. Basically, I am almost done with the story. I just need to complete the trial and then watch the many cutscenes sure to follow. As such, this is the last post of my Endwalker journal. My next planned Endwalker post is a spoiler-free impression of the expansion.

Now for the mandatory warning. This article will contain Endwalker spoilers! I don't plan on a lot of spoilers as I have previously included, but a couple are necessary.

Login Savage: I've found that logging in around 5pm EST / 2pm PST results in around a 30-45 minute queue. While I haven't experienced errors, one of my FC mates took 3 1/2 hours to log in last night because he received a 2002 error and was not babysitting his login attempt.

Flying: I have now unlocked flying in all Endwalker zones. I do have comments about two zones. The first is on the moon. Finding the bridge to the final areas required was a pain. The second is Labyrinthos. I originally thought I had completed the unlock, but the UI hid the empty slot that I had. I picked that up last night.

Crafting and gathering: I didn't do any Endwalker crafting or gathering over the last two days. The only crafting I did was to replenish the stock I sell on the market.

The story and dungeon: The final zone was an adventure, with Scions dropping off by ones and twos to advance the Warrior of Light's progress to the end. After each character getting a final farewell, they were all brought back for the final battle. I knew that would happen once Y'shtola disappeared. Not only because of her "final" exposition, but because she wasn't going to die. She's "died" so often, I knew she would survive the expansion. So far she has.

The biggest loose end left was Zenos. He showed up between the end of the final dungeon and the start of the final trial. His appearance just reinforced my belief he's a horrible character. Even someone as talented as Natsuko Ishikawa had to resort to an immense level of cheese to fit him into the conclusion of the expansion.

Overall, I have greatly enjoyed Endwalker. As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I'll write up a spoiler-free review once I reach the closing credits. The only question now is which expansion I'll consider superior, Shadowbringers or Endwalker.

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