Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Requirements For Owning A Home In FFXIV

One does not simply walk into Final Fantasy XIV and purchase a house. Or even an apartment. The closest one can come to doing so is by joining a free company which owns a house and obtaining a private chamber. So how do one become qualified to take part in the game's housing system?

To own a personal home (including apartments), players have to reach level 50 in at least one class. Theoretically that includes crafting and gathering, but players must reach at least level 47 in a combat class. Usually players level up a combat class to 50.

Next, a player must become an officer in a Grand Company. The total number of company seals required to advance through the enlisted ranks to earn the title of Second Lieutenant is 54,000. Seals are earned by performing various activities like pre-Shadowbringers FATEs, daily supply and provision missions for crafters and gatherers, and expert delivery missions once reaching the rank of Sergeant Second Class.

Becoming an officer isn't just a matter of turning in seals. Players must also complete the Rank 1 section of the company hunting log, which involves killing 10 types of NPCs, to become a Sergeant Third Class, and then the Rank 2 section to become a Second Lieutenant. Completing each entry in the hunting log awards company seals, so if getting seals is boring, the hunting logs is a change of pace.

But wait, there's more. Besides the quest in the MSQ, players must complete two Grand Company specific quests. The first, Shadows Uncast, is a level 44 quest which requires clearing the dungeon Dzemael Darkhold. The quest is required to become a Chief Sergeant. The final quest, Gilding the Bilious, is required to become a Second Lieutenant. To complete the level 47 quest, one must complete the dungeon The Aurum Vale. Because both dungeons are not part of the MSQ, one cannot use the Duty Support System to run the dungeons. That's right, to become an officer requires grouping up with other players  to do content at least twice.

Oh, and one more proviso. Players can only own one private plot and one free company plot on the same world on one service account. The change was put in place in patch 4.2, which means some players still own multiple plots of land. Grandfathered players can't bid on additional housing until the return down to the current limits.

The game has additional requirement, such as owning the Heavensward expansion to own a home in Empyreum or the Stormblood expansion to own a home in Shirogane. But besides having lots of gil, these are the basic requirements for a player to own their own place in Final Fantasy XIV.

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