Wednesday, October 4, 2023

I Have To Make A Choice On What To Play

I blame my current gaming situation on CCP. Until recently, Creative Business Unit III could come out with a patch for Final Fantasy XIV and that is the only game I would want to play. But over the last year or so, CCP decided to stop being lazy chasing flavor of the month business ideas and insert them into EVE Online. Instead, they've gone old school and returned to their two expansions a year content schedule. I'm in a bit of a dilemma because CBU 3 dropped patch 6.5 for FFXIV yesterday and CCP is releasing the Crimson Harvest seasonal event for EVE tomorrow. I want to play both.

I usually want to concentrate on one game at a time. For example, yesterday I spent my time working on my Island Sanctuary. My preparation by creating 2 weeks worth of workshop items netted me 57,915 seafarer's cowries and an entire level. I then did the quest, created my new tools, and gathered enough materials to have at least 300 of all common items except two of the new items, which I only got to 200. At the end of the night I had reached level 18. I'm ready to power my workshops until my island reaches level 20. 

I also transferred all my cash shop glamour items from my glamour dresser to my armoire. Last week I wrote that my glamour dresser only had 400 slots. Actually, the number of slots is 800, and I was using 585. I wound up transferring 86 of those items to my armoire. Not all of the items were cash shop items. I had a few special items from veteran rewards and such present also. Now that I have 300 free slots, I can clean out my retainers inventory space with all the glamour items they are carrying.

Next up is getting the last two Splendorous Tools for my crafting classes and the three Splendorous Tools for my gathering classes. Normally I would concentrate solely on those goals. But I really want to at least dip my toes into EVE's Crimson Harvest content.

Like CBU 3, CCP likes to at least tweak its seasonal content. I imagine the reward structure will change if only because this year's event will last for 4 weeks. The devs have already announced a huge jackpot of skill points if players log in for 25 of the 32 days the event runs. I also have an itch to scan down some data and relic sites and the event will give me an extra incentive to do so.

I also have to admit an announcement from Fanfest is giving me an additional incentive to log in. Phase 4 of Project Discovery is coming soon and I want to see if I can get a few more rewards before the science project moves from COVID to cancer research. At the very least I may log into EVE to do analyze some complex flow cytometry data during lunch when I can take a lunch break.

I guess I have to learn to plan my time better. But the positive thing I take away from the current situation is CCP is actually giving me a meaningful choice. I haven't really felt this way since the NFT nonsense a couple of years ago. I didn't want to waste my time on a game CCP's upper management seemed determine to kill. I guess I've regained some hope.

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