Sunday, May 10, 2009

What I've Been Listening To: May 3-9, 2009

I've decided to change the format of the podcast posts just a little. I'm going to shorten the listings for those podcasts I regularly listen to. Quite frankly, I'm running out of ways to say Van Hemlock and Jon Shute have a fantastic podcast. Also, with the new format I'm going to listen to at least one new podcast each week.

One note: I didn't listen to The Instance last week, but it is available and you can bet I'll be listening to it soon.

First Time Listen

RPGObjects Podcast #13 (Hosts: Chris Davis and Chuck Rice) - This is a table-top role playing game podcast put out by, a company that produces table-top RPGs. Chris is the owner and Chuck is one of the writers/game devs. I decided to listen to the podcast after hearing Chris on Through the Aftermath #9. I probably won't listen to it again, but that's just because I'm into MMORPGs. The podcast went a little over 20 minutes in length and I did wind up laughing out loud a couple of times. Here is an example I thought was funny when Chris asked Chuck what he had been doing that week.

Chuck: I wrote 13 pages in 2 days. What do you think I've been doing?
Chris: Playing Fallout?
Chuck: Well, yeah.

If you are into table-top RPGs that are not Dungeons & Dragons, I would suggest giving this podcast a chance.

Old Friends

Van Hemlock #50 (Hosts: Tim Dale and Jon Shute) - The Van Hemlock podcast reaches the 50 podcast milestone with a look at not only the news but how Tim & Jon put the podcast together. The twitter question asked for 140 character reviews of Free Realms.

Shut Up We're Talking #46 (Hosts: Darren and Karen) - The hosts are joined by the Monday night LotRO (Lord of the Rings Online) group: Brent of Virgin Worlds, Michael Zenke from SOE's DC Universe Online (and formerly of the Internet), Jonathan of Through the Aftermath, Adam of The Witty Ranter and Craig, a former blogger from Voyages in Eternity. The group discussed blogs written by game designers and gave their impressions of Free Realms while playing LotRO. Since Michael is an SOE associate game designer, he let his wife Katie give her impressions on Free Realms.

I don't think I've written this before on the blog, but anytime you can get any mix of Darren, Brent, Michael, and Jonathan in a podcast, you should listen to that podcast. You never know what you'll hear.

Free Play Podcast #18.5 (Hosts: Riknas and Andras) - Don't be fooled by the ".5" in the podcast number. Episode #18.5 is a 56 minute podcast discussing F2P news and how exploration is covered in F2P games. The ".5" in the episode number is because the hosts weren't very happy with the way episode 18 turned out.

Spouse Aggro #74 (Hosts: Beau and Leala Turkey) - Beau and Leala continued podcasting from diners over breakfast, but in a quieter location. I appreciated that since I have a hard time hearing Beau in the other diner. The pair discussed some issues related to raiding that Leala is facing in her role as a guild master for a casual raiding guild in World of Warcraft. Beau then puts together a segment based on conversations that he, Riknas from the Free Play Podcast, Troy from Travels with Troy and Managing Editor and Through the Aftermath host Shawn Schuster had while playing Runes of Magic.

No Prisoners, No Mercy #31 (Hosts: Sister Julie and Sister Fran) - The "I'm Mad as Hell" segment is back and not only takes on MMORPG giant World of Warcraft but Tobold over its "Shake Your Bunny-maker" achievement. Getting to hear Sister Julie discuss the issue helps make her Virgin Worlds post seem more logical. I still think that she went over the top with her comparisons and that Sister Fran is more in line with my very uninformed opinion about the quest.

The sisters also interviewed Colin Campbell, co-host of the podcast Game Theory and now of

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