Monday, May 11, 2009

And Down Goes Doomsmith!

This weekend the guild had a pretty successful couple of days and I had an even better time. The adventures actually started on Thursday night as one of our officers got her mystic up to level 75 and we decided to run Deep Forge set to level 80. We took in a level 80 monk as our main tank with me (a level 80 ranger), a level 77 swashbuckler and a level 75 wizard providing the dps and a level 80 fury and level 75 mystic providing healing support. Needless to say, we didn't fare too well. So the wizard logged onto his level 80 inquisitor and we were off to the races. For the first time, one of our guild groups killed Doomsmith. We then proceeded to clear everything everything except for Firelord Kaern when our guild leader the level 80 fury had to take her son to school. So we looted the chest for the shard with plans to bring down the Firelord Friday night.

We discovered something about Deep Forge on Friday. Despite the fact it is a persistent zone, the lava level went down and we couldn't raise it again. After one unsuccessful attempt to down Kaern, we reset the zone, then set the zone to 80, killed everything in our path on our first attempts, had no wipes, and everyone in the group received at least one shiny (collectable) from the zone that they needed. We got some pretty nice gear to level our group members. I was one of the lucky ones, with the Charred Magmatic Bracers dropping for me. Call us a bunch of noobs, but that was the first time we had cleared Deep Forge with the zone set to level 80.

In addition to finding out that the lava didn't say persistently high, we also discovered a little something about the keyholders. We had little difficulty with the Mandate detrimental effect because our mystic was able to cure it. I don't know if only shamans are able to cure the effect or not. As someone who got hit with it, I can tell you that any class that can cure it is okay in my eyes.

On Saturday, our guild sent a 5 toon group into the City of Mist to help folks finish up the quests in that contested heroic zone. I was the one who made the request on our guild forum, but lots of people needed to visit the city. Running through the City of Mist quests found me dinging my 178th AA point. By this time our swashbuckler had hit level 78 and doing the City of Mist quests had him reaching level 79 shortly after I logged out for the night. Also, I picked up a fury master spell that our guild master needed.

As always, I spent a good deal of time doing crafting writs while listening to podcasts. I managed to level both my tailor and my weaponsmith up from level 77 to level 80. I now have 6 level 80 crafters, and the 50% crafting experience boost for having 5 or more maximum level crafters is very nice.

On the guild front, our swashbuckler reached level 80 and our mystic reached level 76 with the guild only needing 6% more status to reach level 77. Like I said, a very successful weekend for the guild.

Looking back to my posts on The Nosy Gamer, I haven't made any posts like this before. Partly because this was the best weekend I've had in EverQuest 2 since the launch of The Shadow Odyessy. But the other reason is that we finally killed freakin' Doomsmith. I hate that boss mob! I think I finally found a boss I hate more than Hogger from my World of Warcraft days.

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