Thursday, May 7, 2009

So Why Play A Girl?

In one of my first posts on this blog I mentioned that my main character in EverQuest 2 is a female ranger/alchemist wood elf named Rosemarie. In fact, 4 of my 8 characters in EQ2 are female. Some people might wonder why a guy would play a female character. I can see how it might seem a little strange, depending on the circumstances. I don’t think I could play on a role-play server as anything other than a male toon. And the whole guys rolling up Night Elves in World of Warcraft and dancing for tips in Ironforge thing went way too far!

So why do I play female characters? I had a different reason for choosing “female” at the character selection screen for each one of my female toons.

Rosemarie was the second character I created in EQ2, and the first female character I had ever created in a game. The first character I ever rolled up in paper D&D was a wood elf ranger, so I couldn’t resist creating one in EQ2. I only had one problem: when I tried to create a male wood elf, he always looked like a girl to me. But I really, really wanted to play a wood elf ranger. So I figured if I was going to look like a woman anyway, I might as well create one!

The second female character I rolled was a wood elf monk/tailor named Neala. The Echoes of Faydwar expansion had been released and I wanted a character to explore the new lands, since Rose was in her 40s and EoF was a level 1-70 expansion. I had heard that the monk was a good solo class so that was the class I chose. I just had one problem. The main clothing/armor a monk wears is a gi, and I think most male toons in EQ2 look pretty dorky in most of the available gis. So basically I made Neala a female because I didn’t want to look like a dork.

The third female character I created was a human inquisitor/weaponsmith named Noizy. Her home town is Freeport because I needed a toon in Freeport to sell things in a non-goody too-shoes city. I tried to match her looks to the city, which means she’s not very pretty. But she makes a good counter-point to my human paladin/armorer Noiz.

My final female character is a gnome necromancer/sage/tinker named Fallenrose. I’m sorry, but creating a blond female gnome who plays with dead things and machines was too much to pass up. The funny thing is Fallenrose is one tough little gnome and I like riding around Norrath on a bear finding things to kill.

So that’s why I’ve created four female characters. I found that once I got over the hurdle of creating my first female character, making others was not a hard choice. But if you are going to roll up a female character, I do have to warn you about something. Watch out for the guys out there. They can be pigs! Ladies, I don’t know how you put up with us.

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