Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Post About Nothing

It happens to every blogger. You know you should write something but you just don’t know what. A standard subject is writing about what happened in the game you’re playing. But dinging AA point 179 in EverQuest 2 just isn’t sexy enough to warrant its own post. And who wants to hear that a guild group I was with was able to 5-man Doomsmith Tuesday night? I hate that boss with a passion, but most people really wouldn’t care.

We did add a new member to the guild. She is a level 77 wizard and is returning to EverQuest 2 after a year in Age of Conan (which she is still playing). More important than the fact that she aquitted herself well in a quickly organized guild event despite the year’s absence is that she is the mother of one of our guild members. She is currently living in England while her son is living in the States, so the game gives the two another way to have some contact. But the whole “games keeping people close” theme is kind of worn out now.

Yes, I am working on another post on a subject that I’ve been thinking about for a long time and I hope to publish it next Tuesday. While a post reviewing The Shadow Odyssey after six months is not really extraordinary, if I take the subject of my new post to its logical conclusion, I might upset some people. But again, who really cares about my plans? I need to produce some quality work. I’m just glad that we have a holiday weekend coming up here in the States so I’ll have time to obtain the links I’ll need to make a really solid post.

Well, that’s my post. A little rambling but I think a bit more entertaining than waiting until next Sunday for my next post. Until then, keep your bowstring dry and let your arrows fly true.

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