Monday, October 19, 2009

Gate Camp Escape Trick

Ever since I started playing Eve Online I've heard that using the autopilot will get you killed. Yesterday I learned a technique to use if a pilot encounters a gate camp that requires using the autopilot to escape back through the gate, especially if your ship is equipped with a micro warp drive (MWD).

If a player encounters a gate camp and attempts to immediately jump back through the gate, a message appears on screen telling the player that he is between phases and can't pass through the gate. This message can be bypassed by using the autopilot. Just follow the below steps.
  1. Stay calm. You're cloaked. Use the time wisely.
  2. Open "People And Places"
  3. Under "Search Type" select "Solar System"
  4. Under "Search String" type the name or first few characters of the system you want to jump back through.
  5. In the results window that pops up, right click on the name of the system and select "Set Destination"
  6. Click on the autopilot button.
  7. Once the ship decloaks, activate any speed boosting modules, preferably an MWD, and make a run for the gate.
This technique does not guarantee a pilot will escape a gate camp, but it will give you a fighting chance.

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