Thursday, October 1, 2009

Still Listening To Podcasts

Although I don't write about them much, I'm still listening to podcasts. Sometimes they come up with some wacky ideas. For example, on Van Hemlock #70.5, after an insightful look at Flying Labs' Pirates of the Burning Seas, the Twitter question asked "Champions Online's Twitter Notifications a bit samey after a while. Spice things up with better ones! What would your MMO Tweet?" Would you believe someone actually suggested that Eve kill mails be tweeted? At least no one suggested that EQ2 offer any tweets.

Of course, that was fairly tame compared to the latest happenings on No Prisoners, No Mercy #45. You would think that a show on modding would be fairly tame, but Sister Julie found a mod she loves for Left 4 Dead. I've inserted a video preview of the mod below.

That's right. Teletubbie zombies. What's next, Barney as a raid boss?

I finished off yesterday listening to Channel Massive #106. I plan on finish listening today. I haven't gotten to the Blog-O-Steria, but the Blameful Gecko rant was good and the Aion release gave Mark and Jason another opportunity to puncture the bubble of NCSoft.

And finally I read last night that a podcast planned for launch at the end of the year has been put on hold due to real life issues. Congrats to Kirith Kodachi who's wife is expecting another baby in March.

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