Thursday, October 15, 2009

What To Do In EQ2?

I have to admit that after this weekend I had a bit of a letdown in EverQuest 2. I earned my 200th AA point on my ranger and now have what I consider a max level character. Level 80 ranger, level 80 alchemist, 400 transmuter and 200 AA points and is a member of a level 80 guild. So after working for over 3 years toward this moment, I asked myself, “What now?” The crafting options are a bit limited for me since all of my 8 crafting alts have reached level 80 in their respective occupations. I don't have time to raid, even if I wanted to leave my guild, which I don't. So I decided to make a list of things I can still would like to do.

On my main:

  • Raise my safe fall to 400. Currently I’m at 380.
  • Raise my slashing to 400. Remarkably I’ve been at 395 for the last year. Something I really need to take care of!
  • Buy a house in South Qeynos. I’ve always wanted a five or six room house. I have a level 80 carpenter and a whole lot of mahogany lumber to use to build furniture.
  • Buy my level 80 guild mount. I have the 40 plat.
  • Buy the Order of Rime mount. I have another 40 plat to buy that too.
  • Reach max faction with all the city factions in Qeynos. Yes, I’ve played for 3 years and am not even close.

On my crafting alts:

  • Run through the Ship Out! quest so I can do the Far Seas Supply Division content.
  • Get all the crafting gear that gives XP gain bonuses for the next expansion. I really would like to make that grind go a bit faster.
  • Get the crafting armor sets for my characters.
  • Do the crafting adventure quests found in the cities. I’d like all my crafters to have the cool formal wear. Getting some of the other crafting clothes would be cool too.
  • Try to get the Cloak of the Harvester and the pack unicorn for my characters who will adventure in the world.

Sounds like I still have a lot to do, doesn’t it. Not that exciting, but a lot to do. I haven’t even brought up the idea of leveling one of my crafters as an adventurer. Do I level my sage who is a level 50 necromancer? Or how about my armorer who is a level 32 paladin? Um, scratch that idea. But should I level a character that will be wanted in groups like my carpenter who happens to be a level 12 illusionist? Or how about my provisioner who is also a level 12 warden? I hear druids are going to get worked on in the next expansion. Or maybe I should concentrate on content I've never done before. My weaponsmith is a level 12 inquisitor and the Commonlands is just waiting for me.

So much to do. The question is do I really want to do it? I did spend a lot of time equipping my warden for adventuring and it was fun. So much fun that I stayed up late Tuesday night and wound up not posting yesterday. So I still may be a two-game player for a few more months.

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