Monday, March 15, 2010

Eve University Celebrates 6 Years

Eve University will hold a week-long celebration of its 6th year of existence. I had thought about taking this week off at the beginning of the year for other reasons, and now I wish I had. This promises to be a week to remember. The schedule is not out yet, but the list of planned guest lecturers is pretty impressive, including:
  • Mynxee, the CEO of Hellcats and the author of the Life In Low Sec blog speaking on piracy in Eve.
  • Garr Anders, the Minmatar faction warfare corporation Thukk U's director of operations on Faction Warfare.
  • weel barrow of Against All Authorities giving lectures titled "Logistics in Large Fleet", "Market PvP", "From Tackler to Titan", "Account Balancing" and "Multi-language Environments". Yes everyone, weel barrow is alum of Eve University.
  • Aralis, the CEO of Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) on running a Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) organisation in nullsec.
  • Reiisha, an alum of Eve University, on the history of Eve.
  • BC Hastings, CEO of Privateer Alliance and The Pitboss, the CEO Privateer Alliance member Interstellar Brotherhood of Gravediggers, on "War in Empire Space" and running a war-focused group.
In addition, the celebration will include two panels I really want to attend. The first is a piracy Q&A panel consisting of:
  • Mynxee, CEO of Hellcats
  • Verone, CEO of Veto
  • FlashFresh, CEO of The Bastards Corporation
  • Ka Jolo, CEO of The Tuskers Corporation
The other panel is on roleplaying in Eve consisting of:
  • Rodj Blake from PIE Inc.
  • The Cosmopolite from Jericho Fraction, a member corporation of The Star Fraction
  • Revan Neferis, CEO of The Archaeus of Blood
  • Elsebeth Rhiannon, CEO of Gradient, a member corporation of Electus Matari
Wow! Leaders of AAA and CVA participating in the same event. The leadership of the Privateer Alliance being allowed into the halls of Eve University without shots being fired. Minmatar and Amarr roleplayers coming together to talk. And I haven't even mentioned the space-borne activities because I don't want to give away any intelligence on possible fleet movements.

I've been to several gaming conventions over the years and the line up of speakers that Kelduum and his staff have put together rivals anything that I've attended in the past. I'm really looking forward to the next week in New Eden.

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