Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wallpaper Shots

As my corpmate Arukemos pointed out on his blog, @Xiphos83 announced a contest on CrazyKinux's blog looking for screenshots that can be used as the desktop image on a computer. Now, I'm not going to enter the contest, but I thought I'd use it as an excuse to post a couple of my favorite screenshots.

The first is a screenshot I have actually used on my computer at work. This one features my Mammoth, Ice Cream Man, engaged in a mining operation in a dead space zone. I liked the way the Retriever in the background flown by my alt looks like a painting. I actually had someone who is the opposite of a gamer girl complement me on the shot. The Ice Cream Man is kind of special to me because it is the ship I flew in Eve University's takedown of 2 Dynaverse Corporation player-owned stations back in November.

The next screenshot is from the pilgrimage I made to New Eden and the Eve Gate. I really should finish the post I started writing about my trip because we received a big assist from ANZAC Alliance. And when I mean big, I mean REALLY big. One of my favorite shots is my Rifter flying in front of one of the Avatars that provided the jump bridge the Unista fleet used to get to the New Eden system. To give a perspective on the size of an Avatar-class titan, the Rifter is the size of a 747.

The final screenshots that I've thought about using as a desktop background are from a nameless mission whose name I've forgotten. As is common, the goal involved destroying a large facility. I've been torn between the two shots of my Rupture departing the area. I'm not sure which one is the best, so I'll include them both. In the first, the station is still visible while the second is full of pretty colors.

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