Sunday, March 21, 2010

Preparing For High-Sec War

I got home from work late Friday night so I did not get to hear BC Hastings' and The PitBoss' lecture on high-sec wars last night. As I half-way expected, we received a wardec from Privateer Alliance after the lecture. According to our CEO Kelduum Revaan, this war is a practical follow-up to the lecture! So we have proof that the Uni leadership will arrange wars. But why not; at least the Privateer's fight.

So I started to go through my personal checklist of what to do in the 24 hours leading up to war.

1. Get back to Aldrat, my home system. I need to delete this one. I've got jump clones now and I have one stationed in my war base in Aldrat. But I was tired, cranky and not thinking straight. Part of the reason for making this post is so I have something. So I went back to my primary missioning base (yes, I have two pairs of Ruptures/Thrashers I use for missioning) and then jumped to a clone I still had in Lonetrek. Eve University can get jump clones from the Wiyrkomi Peace Corps and I still had one out there. This was a perfect time to retrieve it.

1. Check to make sure my medical clone is up to date. This is very important. I checked my character sheet and I was 1.1 million skill points under my clone capacity.

2. Transfer all items I wanted to sell to my economic alt. I'm pretty bad about selling things like salvage. I'll let it build up for a week or two before giving it to my economic alt. Wars are a good reminder for me to do so.

3. Check skills training plan. I usually try to make sure I have all the skills training books I'll need for the next week. And sometimes I'll make an adjustment to the order of skills I want to learn. For this war, I was training Logic IV when the Evemail from CONCORD arrived. I was going to train Advanced Weapons Upgrade to III after that. I changed the order in my planning queue in Evemon to train Advanced Weapons Upgrade first, bought the book I needed, and started training. I was able to finish training levels 1 & 2 before the war began.

4. Check ship equipment and ammunition. The period before a war is a good time to make sure your equipment is up to date with your new skills and that you have enough ammunition and drones. I decided to upgrade the electronic warfare and related modules on my Bellicose to T2 (target painters and sensor booster) as well as the damage control module. I also abandoned the Bellicose CL-B weapons mix I had before to a short-range (< 40km) mix of 650mm Artillery Is and Compact 'Limos' Assault Missile Launchers. I also transferred enough ammunition to my base to last at least a week.

5. Update bookmarks. In a war against Privateer Alliance, having updated bookmarks, at least in your home system, is a good thing. I didn't really have enough bookmarks created before the last war, so I spent some time make some more based on some of the conversations I read in corp chat. The two most popular topics of conversation lately have been about bookmarks and bacon. I'm not sure why.

6. There is no six. D'uh!

7. Loading war targets into "Buddies" list. The intel departement developed a list for the last war and sent an update last night. I spent some time loading the updated list into my buddies list. The buddies list is a very convenient way to keep track of war targets.

I think I'm ready for the upcoming war. Or practical exercise following Friday's lecture.

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