Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Listening To: Game Breaker #10

Podcast: Game Breaker #10 - Ebert Hates You
Host: Gary Gannon
Release date: 26 April 2010
Length: 50:09

Now that I have an iPod I've been playing around with subscribing to podcasts on iTunes. Yes, as much as I love podcasts, I never was attracted to the iTunes store. I always preferred going to Virgin Worlds. But now that I have the hardware, I've taken the plunge.

One of the first podcasts I downloaded was Game Breaker, which is actually a video podcast about games. I was a bit concerned about putting a large file like a 50 minute video podcast on my iPod, but I gave it a try. The host Gary Gannon is the former co-host of the popular Massively Online Gamer podcast that lasted 98 episodes. The guests for the episode were two podcasters I am familiar with: Massively Online's Editor-in-Chief and host of Massively Speaking Shawn Schuster and Shut Up We're Talking host and Common Sense Gamer blogger Darrin Love. Joining the two were BFF Report host Mike B. (aka Fony) and Jim Festante from The Game Show on

The show's title, "Ebert Hates You", is based on the main subject discussed on the episode, a Roger Ebert blog post stating that games can never be considered art. Darrin took the side agreeing with Mr. Ebert while the others maintained that games are art. The conversation was entertaining and worth the time I spent listening to the podcast.

For the record, I agree with Darrin on this subject. I'd comment further, but Darrin did such a good job describing his thinking on his blog I'll suggest you go there. But then again, I got the point he was trying to make about the $10 dollar horse too, so that might make me a bit strange.

Other topics discussed were Warner Bros. purchase of Turbine, Blizzard developers for StarCraft 2 telling Gamasutra they are not trying to be innovative with the new title, another move toward 3d gaming, and one of the games under development for Sony's Project Natal.

I really enjoyed listening to the podcast, but not enough to subscribe to the video podcast. I just don't want to fill up my iPod's hard drive with all those files. Fortunately the podcast also has an mp3 edition I can download and I've subscribed to that.

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