Friday, April 30, 2010

Listening To: Van Hemlock #100

Podcast: Van Hemlock #100
Hosts: Tim Dale & Jon Shute
Release Date: 28 April 2010
Length: 58:23

The Van Hemlock Podcast, much to the surprise of the hosts, has reached episode 100. Unlike a lot of podcasts that reach a significant milestone, Tim and Jon decided to look ahead instead of at the past. In a change in format, the hosts started with the week's Twitter question; what is the future of gaming? The quality of the submissions really makes the segment work every week and gives the hosts a chance to wander far afield.

After the Twitter segment, Tim unveiled his Tardis. Of course, Tim was only able to build one large enough to hold his iPhone, so Tim and Jon sent it into the future to download future Van Hemlock podcasts. The podcasts turn from the serious to the ridiculous as the duo send their iPhone farther and farther forward in time. I definitely smiled and chuckled throughout the skit.

Once again Tim and Jon produced another quality episode that I'd recommend listening to.

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