Monday, April 26, 2010

New Landmarks

I have to admit that I like flying around New Eden in a Cheetah just looking at things. I might be a little bit strange, but I'm not really into the whole killing thing. So when I first looked at the new Tyrannis site hyping the next Eve Online expansion, I got excited about the new event landmarks feature. In a dev blog last week, CCP Bettik explained in more detail about the feature. And then CCP Tallest added this blurb...

"After putting up beacons all over EVE to sites that we have dubbed "generic landmarks," we noticed that these sites were mostly concentrated in just a few regions. This seemed unfair to players who play elsewhere, so we went to work on distributing them to the rest of the EVE cluster.

"We want most players to encounter these landmarks at some point, but not all the time. Thus. we decided to put them in around 15% of solar systems.

"This project mostly involved copying sites, renaming them, tweaking them a little bit so they aren't all exact copies of one another, and then replacing NPC's with whatever was appropriate for each solar system.

"In some regions, we had to make new landmarks entirely. Most of these sites were tied to the empire factions in some way, so they wouldn't make sense for, say, the Rogue Drone regions. Since all of the other regions were getting new content, though, we didn't want to leave the rogue drones out. So we simply created a few new ones for those regions."

Yes! More stuff to search out. And the background of New Eden gets a little bit deeper, it seems.

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