Sunday, May 2, 2010

About "Listening To"

Back when I created The Nosy Gamer, I started a feature called, rather unimaginatively, "What I've Been Listening To". Running every Sunday from February 22 - August 16 2009, I reviewed the podcasts that I had listened to during the previous week. But after 6 months I ended the series because not only was it feeling like work but I wanted to concentrate more on writing original content about MMOs.

Looking back over the last 8 months, THAT idea didn't work out too well. Real life got in the way more than once and at one point I almost gave up the blog. But I never did give up listening to podcasts about MMORPGs. Now that I have bought an iPod Touch and have subscribed to iTunes, I'm listening to a steady stream of podcasts on the train to and from work every day. Over the past two weeks I've spent more time listening to the podcasts than actually playing games. So the appeal of writing about podcasts has returned, since I've got two hours every day in which I am not connected to the interwebs and thus really can't work.

What I've come up with is something I'm calling "Listening To". The idea is to write a post about a podcast within one day of listening to it. I also want to post newly published podcasts to make my posts more relevant. One of the weaknesses of a weekly feature like "What I've Been Listening To" was that some of the posts were rather out of date. Hopefully the new format will be more useful as well as entertaining.

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