Monday, May 10, 2010

Listening To: Shut Up. We're Talking #62

Podcast: Shut Up. We're Talking #62
Hosts: Darren and Karen
Release Date: 6 May 2010
Length: 62:04

One of my favorite podcasts is Shut Up. We're Talking. This episode had three guests: podcasters Garry Gannon of GameBreaker and Jonathan Morris from Through The Aftermath and blogger Sara Picknel of Symptom of a Greater Cure. Hmm ... didn't I listen to Gary and Darren on GamerBreaker #10? Yes, and I have to say this episode of Shut Up. We're Talking was much better.

I think with the sale of the sparkle pony in World of Warcraft that Darren has become one of the most sought after guests on podcasts due to his stance on Runes of Magic's $10 horse. But the discussion was not limited to the pony. The panel ranged far and wide, looking at consumerism in our games, Blizzard's motivation at introducing the pony, DRM, and the future of real money transactions (RMT) in MMOs.

The second topic of discussion was Roger Ebert's blog post about video games never being considered art. I think Gary sounded better discussing the topic than he did on his own show. I'm not sure if that is because on his own show he was the host and thus couldn't express all his own thoughts, but I liked this discussion better. Also, I thought Jonathan included a couple of movie references that were a bit of a smack at Mr. Ebert. I really liked his example of how the view of Star Wars has changed over the years.

For those who have read the blog for awhile, my recommendation that you should listen to this episode should come as no surprise.

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