Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Listening To: Declarations of War #13

Podcast: Declarations of War #13
Hosts: Alekseyev Karrde, Kan3r Blaze, Jimer Lins
Release Date: 2 May 2010
Length: 90:23

While browsing through iTunes I was pleasantly surprised to find a podcast published by one of Eve Online’s mercenary alliances. The podcast, Declarations of War, is put together by the Noir. Mercenary Group, which in the last few months has made news doing everything from coming to Chribba’s defense to being the first mercenary corporation since the Great War to take sovereignty in 0.0 space. So I was really interested to hear a podcast from this group.

The first segment of the podcast was a review of Noir’s contracts. The mercenaries completed contracts in Insmother and Providence plus busted up a couple of player-owned stations. I got a kick out of the business end of these contracts as seen from the mercenaries’ point of view.

Next was a segment on Eve news, which was interesting since the hosts helped make some of that news. First they covered the situation in Providence in which Against ALL Authorities finished booting CVA out of the region and help install small alliances into the space. Paxton Federation was singled out for their continuing presence in Providence, although it sounds like that future may not be long.

In additional war news the hosts gave their take on the Northern Coalition vs. Southern Coalition battle that has finally begun. They recommended a web site, Northern-Crusade.com, to visit to follow the war and gave their opinion on sov warfare.

Following the war news came commentary on the upcoming Council of Stellar Management elections. The hosts provided their endorsements for candidates which, not surprisingly, included Noir member Mynxee. The hosts bring some experience to the subject since Alekseyev is currently a member of the CSM.

The final two stories were the local invisibility exploit that some players were using against Russian players and coverage of the Alliance Tournament VIII selection process. Sounds like things are not running smoothly, but Noir is in and expecting to make a better showing than in AT7.

The last section of the show covered “The Week in Mercs” and covered some mercenary news. But for me the best part was when the hosts talked about Noir’s invasion of 0.0 space to take 4 systems. The stories were pretty good, including their take on Mynxee’s post on how she almost lost her jump freighter.

If you haven’t listened to an Eve podcast before, download this one. I loved it. Declarations of War looks like it comes out very often anymore, but I hope the hosts pick up the pace. After all, making a podcast is better than carebearing, right?

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